Factors To Consider When Renting Storage Units While Moving


You probably never thought that you would ever need to rent storage. Maybe until you needed to move. Or, it could also be for other reasons. Now, there are multiple storage units Queen Creek AZ you can check out. But that does not guarantee you the best unit for your needs.

This means that you have to put some things into consideration before you even start your search. Here are some of those things;

The Nature Of Your Goods

The number one thing you want to consider is the nature of your goods. If for example, you are looking to store perishable goods, you want to make sure that the condition of the storage is suitable for them. This would be different if you want to store hard goods.

The material of the goods is also another key factor to consider. Glass-made items and other valuable items like antiques and decor materials might need different storage conditions than hardwood furniture.

The Amount Of The Belongings

How much or how many goods you want to store is also one of the biggest factors that would determine the type and amount of space you rent. Of course, more things would require more space and therefore larger storage. You might also resolve to rent a couple of storages.

The Size Of The Items

Some households are huge while others are smaller in size. When searching for storage, you want to make sure that you have the right size storage space. So you need to first know what items you are renting storage for. The last thing you want is to pay at the reception only to realize your couch doesn’t fit.

How Long You Will Need To Rent The Storage For

If you are moving and you find that you have excess items that you don’t want to move, you might want to rent storage until you dispose of them. Now if you don’t have a clear plan on what to do with them you might end up incurring more costs. Knowing the definitive amount of time you need to rent storage will save you some coins and of course the time and hustle of having to check on your storage, every now and then.


How often are you able to access your storage? Or rather, what is their open schedule? Will you be able to access your storage any time of the day or night? Are they open 24/7? How about on weekends and holidays? Depending on your needs and requirements, make sure that you first find out how often you will be able to access your storage.

Overall Safety And Accessibility

Safety is also one of the major factors to consider when choosing a storage facility. You are not renting storage because you just need a place to store your goods. You could easily find space at your friend’s or family’s house. You also need a place with enough security for your items. Consider the measures the facility has put in place to ensure safety. Some even have video monitors to enhance security.

Other Factors

What you need is what will determine what storage you get. If lighting is an important factor to you, you might want to first confirm how well-lit the facility is. The number of locks may also be an issue for you.

Online reviews are also something that you want to check out before you rent the space. These will not only help you to choose the best storage facility but also help you avoid the ones you don’t feel comfortable with. Find out what other people are saying about particular facilities.

Of course, many great rankings and positive reviews mean the facility is great. On the other hand, avoid storages with fewer or negative reviews.

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