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Any video game out there in the market right now there is certain age group who like the game. This is not the case with Grand Theft Auto series video games. This is the game enjoyed by all age group people because of number of reasons. First of all it was the idea to create a game where you could do whatever you want to do which is not possible in your own life.

Everybody welcomed this idea when the first release was seen way back in 1997. There has been a great change in GTA as if you have played (or you can watch videos on Youtube) then you will understand it has totally changed now. With more features added in the series now this game is still the most popular one. You are going to read some of the amazing facts about GTA which you might have overlooked or noticed.

Children Not Allowed (of course in the game)

If you are a real GTA freak then you must have noticed that there is not a single child character in the whole GTA series. This is because of number of reasons as all GTA players know the fact that you can kill almost anybody you come across with. In order to avoid the killing of children and making the whole series controversial the manufacturers have made this game child free. This was the case until recently two child characters in which one of them is in GTA IV. Good or bad but mostly it is encouraged not to have children in the game.

How Fast You Can End GTA

This is a matter of great pride amongst all gamers that how quickly you can finish the game. GTA is no exception as well and there are record times on which different versions of this game has been finished. It is very difficult to end any of its latest versions under an hour but for your surprise this has been done too. One of the gamers just took less than an hour to completely finish all the missions of GTA Vice City and you know it is a huge record to set.

Sleeping in Latest Releases

As you know that for the initial versions of the game you had only one character to play with. With increasing popularity the manufacturers had to come up with some new ideas to make this game even popular. Now you can play with different characters in GTA V and according to the characters the sleep schedule may vary. When you save the game with the character Trevor he takes the longest around 12 hours. Michael does not sleep much as he just wake up after 6 hours.

The Most Popular Video Game on Earth to Date

GTA V is the latest versions of this series and for your surprise nearly 50 million copies of this version has been sold out. If all the copies of this series are combined then it goes on to break the record of all other popular video games currently being played on earth. The total copies sold figure may vary but it has crossed 200 million barrier and making this series the most sold one with no competitors near it. Of course this is just an indication how much current generation loves this game.

Resemblance to Real Life Characters

To make things pretty much close to the real world the GTA series has been successful in bringing in characters who are more close to the real ones you see. Gamers around the world love to see and experience things that are different like some of the characters in the series are not exactly the real copy of stars like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton but a good resemblance can be found out. One of the rappers Eazy-E finds out the resemblance with one of the characters and for your surprise he has made a soundtrack of GTA too.

Evolution of GTA

Undoubtedly GTA has become the most popular game played by our generation and it has not happened overnight. The first version of GTA was released way back in 1997 and it provided the top view only unlike to what is provided right now. Currently you can enjoy first or third person view while playing and if we talk about some new features in the latest version of it i.e GTA V where you can duck as well while saving yourself from the attack. The evolution of GTA has been steady over the years and it has now got very high resolution graphics and options like Epsilon Menu.

Some Real Characters in GTA series

While many of you must be thinking right now that how it is possible for anyone to play any role in GTA being a celebrity. It has happened in couple of occasions when two celebrities were depicted in a series. If you are playing GTA V right now then you must be aware of Lazlow Jones who hosts a TV show. He played a character in GTA V but of course he did not play as if he is in real life. The other one is Phil Collins who was there in Vice city version of the game.

Lawsuits against Rockstar

With so much popularity it is most likely that something must go wrong. So is the case with Rockstar the manufacturer of this amazing video game series. There have been some lawsuits against rockstar and they were all filed by celebrities. In lawsuits it was claimed that the personalities of the celebrities had been depicted without their permission or inappropriately.


Being a passionate gamer one has to explore each and everything about the game. This article will surely be helpful in enhancing your knowledge and feel great amongst your GTA friends and fans all over the world.

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