Facts About YK11 That You Should Know About

There has been a lot of talk in the bodybuilding industry about the benefits of YK11. One of the reasons why the drug is exciting is because it comes with minimal side effects which is something that has been lacking for a good number of years. At face value, it is easy to assume that YK11 is just another SARM but it does offer a lot more than that. In this post, we’re going to look at everything you need to know about YK11.

What is YK11

The bodybuilding community has been fascinated by YK11 ever since it was launched because of its potential when it comes to building muscles. There have been cellular studies that have been conducted to determine the effects YK11 has on bone and muscular tissues. Those bodybuilders that have used YK11 of a while now can attest to its ability to build muscle and also help in weight loss at the same time. Since there have never been any animal or human tests, it can be hard to verify such claims and you should check out recommended stacks for options.

Is it a SARM?

This is an area is not in black and white. Doing research could suggest otherwise but most people would rather casually describe it as a SARM instead of a steroid. There have been studies that show that YK11 can increase muscle mass by through the escalation of Follistatin. There is also another study that has shown that it could bone-health by stimulating bone-building proteins.  Be sure to check out the perfect SARMs stack.

How it Works

YK11 is known to have a similar chemical structure to DHT. This is evident by the way it binds with the androgen receptors. The body will naturally produce DHT for hair growth, puberty development, and general prostate health.

If YK11 was to be classified as a SARM, it will be the most potent in the market because of what it can offer. This is because of the partial activation of the androgen receptors. There have been studies to find out how YK11 can help in building up muscles.  It simply works by aiming to increase Follistatin levels in the body. Follistatin is a naturally occurring protein which aids in keeping myostatin in check. The hormone myostatin helps in curbing muscle growth. As it currently stands, only YK11 has the ability to inhibit myostatin.

Benefits of YK11

Increase Muscle Size: According to bodybuilders who have experimented with YK11, it has the ability to stimulate muscle growth. This is due to the fact that it naturally increases the levels of follistatin which in turn improves the body’s ability to produce muscle cells. Even though there are no clinical studies on humans or animals, that has not stopped enthusiastic bodybuilders from experimenting with the drug.

Strengthens Bones: The sex hormones in the body play a big role in bone strengthening and development. There is evidence that shows YK11 increases the bone strength by binding itself to the androgen receptors just you would expect of most SARMS. In order to improve stamina for bodybuilding, it is imperative that you have healthy bones and muscles which also help in avoiding unnecessary fractures.


Those bodybuilders who have been using YK11 recommend 15gm on the higher side. The drug has a half-life of 20 hours. This means you can take it once a day although there are some people that will prefer to break it down into two for better synthesis in the body. For even better results, you can use it alongside other SARMS like RAD140 or cardarine. This should be done with caution as you don’t want to be dealing with all the side effects at once.

Where to Buy

At the moment, YK11 is only available as a research chemical. This means that you can only buy it from trusted and reliable sources. You should be wary if it is a brick and mortar store that is selling the drug. This is because it is highly regulated.

Buying on the internet is another challenge altogether. There so many fraudsters out there and it will be hard to authenticate the quality of the YK11. Make sure that the supplier that you’re buying from has done third-party testing so that you’re assured of only getting high-quality.

To sum it up, YK11has a lot of potential for improved muscle mass without having to worry about the side effects. There have studies that have shown that unlike other SARMS, YK11 can improve hair growth as long as the dosage is taken in moderation.  Be sure to check out options for finding Sarms UK.