Facts You Didn’t Know About Disney

Here is a list of little known and some strange facts about Disney movies and Disney characters.


Everyone’s favorite rubbish-compactor, Wall-E, was named after Walter Elias Disney


Also, the sorcerer in Fantasia is called ‘Yen Sid’, which may ring a bell if read backwards.


The rules for those playing theme park characters include never using the word ‘no’ (not sure that would stand up in court), never breaking character or sitting down and never pointing out a direction with a single finger, which is considered rude.


While staff weren’t allowed to grow a beard until last year, when it was first opened guests at Disney World weren’t granted admission if they had facial hair! It’s rich when you consider that Walt rocked a moustache from the age of 25 onwards.


Dumbo is an elephant of few words – none, in fact – which makes him the quietest central character of them all. Hot on his heels is Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, who gets a mere 18 whole lines of dialogue, and just 18 minutes of screen time in her own film. Well, that’s what you get for laziness.


Joss Whedon was part of a team of writers brought in to perk up the Toy Story script, and came up with the character of Rex, the cowardly dinosaur (Rex was voiced by Wallace Shawn, who you’ll know from The Princess Bride and Clueless. What a CV.) and the line, “You are a sad, strange little man”.


‘Man is in the forest’ was a code used by animators to warn colleagues to get back to work when Walt Disney was coming down the hallway.


The white dress that Amy Adams dons in Enchanted weighed in at a hefty 45lbs, which even the ever-perky actress described as ‘grueling’.


Thanks to its swamp-land setting, Disney World frequently attracts alligators, which have previously been found swimming around Splash Mountain, and even in one of the public toilet blocks.


Slightly sinisterly, Disney World is second only to the US Military when it comes to purchasing explosives in the United States. We’re pretty sure it’s for the nightly fireworks rather than a plot to take over the world though.