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Famous Beards In The Movies

Famous Beards In The Movies

Beards have always been famous in the movies as it helps make a character. It can give a man a different tone and personality, or provide him with depth and maturity. No wonder that Hollywood has produced movie characters that pushed beards into new boundaries in every generation. With that, we’ve compiled some of the most iconic beards ever featured in the movies.

1. Gandalf (The Lord of the Rings)

No more argument, Gandalf owns the most famous white beard in the history of the movies. Add his spectacular long, thick, white hair. It entices anyone to ask him any question he can think of. And, he would most likely have the answer as he is that brilliant!

2. T-Challa (Black Panther)

One of the most recent films in this list, Black Panther (and his beard), effortlessly catapulted in popularity after the movie launched. It is undeniably hard to imitate his moves, but the angles of his cutting edge, sharp, and boxed beard are also as difficult to achieve. 

3. Captain Jack Sparrow (The Pirates of the Caribbean)

A legend and a trickster rolled into one, Captain Jack‘s double-enlaced soul of free-spiritedness and defiance perfectly suits his iconic two braided-beard.

4. Chuck Norris (every Chuck Norris film)

Chuck Norris is undeniably one of the most renowned bearded men blessed with extreme martial arts skills. While he has a rugged look, his calm mindset shines, fortifying his distinct character.

5. Wolverine (X-Men movies)

No one could pull off a fierce mutant look than the rugged, muscleman Hugh Jackman. Bearded as ‘Wolverine’ in all of the X-Men flicks, his character exuded sheer flair and power.

6. Hagrid and Dumbledore (Harry Potter)

While a beard wouldn’t obviously suit Voldemort, two other characters in the Harry Potter franchise benefitted from wearing one – Hagrid and Dumbledore, making Hogwarts a bearded mecca.

7. Hans Gruber (Diehard)

Don’t ever trust people who sport a superbly-groomed beard for two reasons. First, they undeniably have a lot of time on their clocks. Second, they are movie villains ready to throw off the good guys in the movies. Hans Gruber, a cunning terrorist and thief mastermind, is one of them. You know who to avoid next time.

8. Chuck Noland (Cast Away)

Long beards have always been the benchmark for telling the passage of time in the movies. It can be noticed with Chuck Noland in the flick, Cast Away, where he has been stranded for years and years. Well, no wonder, there are a lot of things to worry about than keeping your beard looking neat and fresh.

9. Frank Serpico (Serpico)

If you want to have an unconventional lesson on how to grow a fantastic beard, there’s no other flick to watch other than Serpico. You’ll see him grow his little mustache until it evolves to a full beard while being an honest cop in an extremely corrupt environment.

10. Charlie Wax (From Paris With Love)

John Travolta’s role as Charlie Wax in the movie, ‘From Paris With Love,’ sports a circle beard, complementing his stylish and top operative personality.

11. Joe Dirt (Joe Dirt)

Joe Dirt’s terrible and abysmal facial hair suits his redneck stereotype personality and the film’s comical story.

12. Abraham Lincoln (Lincoln)

Daniel Day-Lewis proved how beards could be used to transform an actor into a new character. His beard was eerily close and fascinatingly reminiscent of the late United States president.

13. Pai Mei (Kill Bill: Vol. 2)

Pai Mei not only mastered the super-cool move, the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique, but also has an incredible white beard matched with eyebrows. While such facial hair has been typical in Asian movies, the magnificence of Pai Mei outshines them all.

14. John Wick (John Wick)

Beware! Only one beard could kill you with a pencil – it is Keanu Reeves in John Wick.

15. Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump)

When there’s a lot of things going into your life, the best way to deal with the situation is through running. Run across the country. You’ll start to grow a cool beard and eventually discover the smiley face somewhere down the line.

16. Mr. T (Rocky III)

Not all may see the impact and importance of Mr. T’s beard in Rocky III but, one thing is for sure, not also all can grow and sport it the way he did.

17. King Tritan (The Little Mermaid)

Though he lived under the sea, his beard remained sleek and bouncy. Who knows? He probably might have enjoyed some products from Ariel’s collection of human things.

18. Mr. Miyagi (The Karate Kid)

A talented and wise mentor taught his disciple a lot more than just karate moves. His disciplined look was as rigidly enforced as his practice was. Although, he was still able to pull off a kind demeanor that you could depend on.

19. Seneca (The Hunger Games)

If you ever encounter a sporting a beard like Seneca or the earlier Hans Gruber, try to run right away. They are nasty masterminds that will bring out the worst in your day.

20. Santa Claus (all Christmas movies)

Save the best for last! Come on, it’s Santa, after all! The most remarkable character on this list, sporting his huge white beard, bright red suit, and infectious laugh. He works double time in winter especially at Christmas, so it’s great to have a reliable beard that keeps him warm throughout the night.

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