Famous Beards Through Out History


There’s a lot of subjectivity when it comes to beards, but some remarkable men have sported seriously epic beards throughout history. From mutton chops to Van Dykes, to goatees, facial hair has been changing and growing through time. Here are some of the iconic beard looks embraced by the world’s memorable men:

1. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln
Besides being an iconic President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln was also remembered as America’s first bearded president. His beard is one of the most notable in US history, with a well-suited chin complementing his brooding look. A hipster of his time, Lincoln brought back the beard after being replaced by wigs. Once America saw the way Lincoln rocked his facial hair, scruffiness returned to society.

2. Leonardo da Vinci

 Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci might be best known for his work Mona Lisa, but this Renaissance genius was also a master of sculpting, music, architecture, engineering, mathematics, literature, astronomy, and more. Perhaps being great at a lot of things meant no time for shaving, that’s why his magnificent beard became too long and thick.

3. William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare
To beard or not to beard? Shakespeare was one of the greatest writers of all time and the world’s greatest dramatist. Thanks to Shakespeare, we all had sorts of stuff to read in literature class. While some theories claim that this man is a myth, one can still dream and imagine that Shakespeare was rocking this beard and ‘stache combo as he recited his plays and sonnets.

4. Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin
Besides the theory of evolution, perhaps a bushy white beard is the first thing that gets into your mind when you hear the name “Charles Darwin.” Darwin is famous for his contributions to science, as he worked as a biologist, naturalist, and geologist. Besides that serious exploits, he also had some serious beard game going on that goes way past his collar.

5. Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway
A famous American author, Ernest Hemingway, proves that a lumberjack beard is more than just lumberjacks. In his later years, he grew full whiskers that only accentuated his handsome features. The thick and luscious beard gave him a rugged and striking look that says, “man is not made from defeat.”

6. Karl Marx

Karl Marx
Karl Marx is a famous German philosopher, economist, sociologist, political theorist, historian, and revolutionary. But among his many titles, he was known for Marxism and its theories on economics, politics, and society. He might be a genius, but he’s also known for his full-blown beard combined with bushy hair. You simply can’t ignore that about him.

7. John Knox

John Knox
John Knox was a Scottish clergyman, theologian, minister, and writer from the 15th century. He was the founder of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland, leading the Scotts to Reformation. Besides that, he also rocked a very long beard that’s often depicted to rich his chest.

8. Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud
Sigmund Freud is best known for his work in psychology, especially in the field of psychoanalysis. There’s a ton of neurology studies that talk about Freudian theories. And he’s a neat guy, too. Unlike the unruly beards most guys of the past have, Freud’s beard is trimmed and well-groomed. It’s so neat-looking that his facial hair looks like a second skin.

9. Franz Joseph I

Franz Joseph I
One of the most beloved emperors of European history, Franz Joseph I was an Austrian Emperor and Hungarian King. He also served as King of Croatia, King of Bohemia, and monarch of different states of the Astro-Hungarian Empire in the mid-1800s. He is the third monarch in Europe to have the longest reign in any country. The great man is also known for his distinct beard that covers everything by the chin. He really knows how to stand out.

10. Ambrose Burnside

 Ambrose Burnside
A famous American soldier and politician, Ambrose Burnside, was also a lot of different things. He was also an inventor, industrialist, and a railroad executive. He served as a governor of Rhode Island and the Senate. The iconic thing about him is that the term “sideburns” was coined from his family name. That solid mutton chops on his face was a legacy.

11. Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris is a legendary American icon famous for martial arts, and his acting career. After serving in the US Air Force, Chuck won many martial arts championships and pioneered his own discipline: the Chun Kuk Do. He’s also one of the most famous bearded men in the world. Many rumors are surrounding his famous beard: that there’s no chin behind it, only another fist. Also, people say his beard grows to the perfect length and just stops, so Chuck had no need to shave. That beard lived a long life until he shaved it in 2013, and many fans mourned about it.

12. Santa Claus

Besides that read suit, the first thing you’ll notice about Santa is his thick, curly, and magical blonde beard. Santa is that red-cheeked, white-bearded old man who is the only human able to enter each house in the world in a single night. While modern Santa, who is jolly and bringer of gifts, is fictional, the character grew out of tradition based on a real person – Saint Nicholas of Myra. The real St. Nick may not look anything like the Santa we know, but it will be very hard to imagine a shaved Santa at Christmas.

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