Famous Hairstyles Through Out History

The hair is a person’s crowning jewel, and it’s only fitting to make it fabulous. As fashion evolves, we also saw hairstyles evolve. Vintage curls take us back to Old Hollywood, while sleek and super-short bobs remind us of the 1920s flapper. Famous bangs, bobs, and curls found their way to salons over the years, many of which continue to be imitated today.
Here are some of the most iconic hairstyles in history:

Gilded braids

There’s something so elegant and powerful about Cleopatra’s gilded braids. It’s so strong and bold, just like she was. This original power bob has been popularized in modern history by Elizabeth Taylor in the 1963 film Cleopatra.

Crimson curls

Queen Elizabeth knew volume, and her crimson curls updo is one of the most iconic hairstyles of all time. The Virgin Queen’s high hairdo complements the neck ruff and hair jewelry she wears. For more fascinating tidbits about the British royal family, check out our Interesting Facts Abou the British Monarchy.

Voluminous hairdo

Marie AntoinetteMarie Antoinette loved her hair accessories and her voluminous hairdo of the shape of a beehive. The French Queen is obviously a firm believer of the saying “go big or go home,” thanks to her iconic excessive fashion. But even this super extra and seemingly outdated hairstyle made a comeback in the fashion world.

Slick finger curls

Josephine BakerThe slick hairdo by Josephine Baker was memorable during the Jazz Age. Rihanna paid homage to the French entertainer’s hairdo and style at the 2014 CFDA awards.

Flower crown

Flower crowns have been popular recently, but it was first known to be worn in Ancient Greece to honor the gods. During the 19th century, this hairstyle was iconic, thanks to President Abraham Lincoln’s wife. Mary Todd Lincoln was a fan of hair accessories, as she liked to place blossoms into a crown on her head. She is the true, original flower child.

Milkmaid braids and flower crown

A painting of Frida Kahlo featuring her famous hairstyleThe iconic Mexican painter Frida Kahlo was one of the greatest female artists in the 20th century. She might have been the woman to single-handedly made milkmaid braids cool, especially when adorned with a flower crown.

Glamour waves

Marilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe’s cropped glamour waves are the one hairdo that has been imitated time and time again. It’s a classic old Hollywood style that will always be popular. This flirty blond ‘do have been a red carpet style stape, as seen on stars like Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, and Katherine Heigl.

Jet black locks and baby bangs

Bettie PaigeThe Queen of Pinups Bettie Paige popularized this iconic hairstyle. Her curly shoulder-length hair and trademark bangs have been a style inspiration for a lot of women for generations, including Dita Von Teese and Katy Perry.

Mop tops

The Beatles holding a cakeMop top is a man’s hairstyle that’s bowl-shaped and shaggy. The Beatles popularized this hairstyle in the ‘60s, and it became so influential back then.

5-Point cut

Mary Quant wearing the 5-point cut hairdo One of Vidal Sassoon’s popular hairstyles was the angular bob, known as the 5-point cut. And in 1965, he took it shorter than before. The hairstyle is a cropped, helmet-like hairdo with a spike at each ear and a W-shape at the nape of the neck.


Jacqueline KennedyThe bouffant was a memorable hairstyle during the ‘60s, thanks to Jacqueline Kennedy. The First Lady immortalized the short-hair bouffant as a classy hairstyle, making it a go-to for the decade.

Messy updo

Brigitte Bardot in a magazine coverNobody wears the messy, effortless updo as Brigitte Bardot did. And no matter how many times we try to imitate it, it just doesn’t look the same. Her blond ‘do paired with bangs and curls was simply perfect on her.

Pixie cut

Mia FarrowMia Farrow’s pixie cut hairstyle was one of the most memorable hairstyles that are still popular among women today. This hairstyle showed off her gorgeous features like her sexy shoulders and chiseled jaw and proved to be chic and effortless. In the past few years, it made a major comeback with Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Michelle Williams chopping their locks.


Angela Davis with an afroThe afro haircut reminds us of the 1970s disco scene for both men and women. This high, voluminous, curly hairdo makes anyone stand out in the crowd. This oversized hairdo was rocked by political activist Angela Davis, musician Billy Preston, and actress Tamara Dobson, among others.

Feathered locks

Farrah FawcettFarah Fawcett’s fame made her feathered locks and effortless cool-girl style famous as well. Her iconic curly hair curls away from the face and gives volume to her whole look.

Cropped feathered hairdo

Princess DianaPrincess Diana’s cropped, soft, and feather-swept bangs are just as much of an icon as her stylish sartorial choices.

Straight hair with full bangs

Birkin bangs was just as popular as the Birkin Bag, the most expensive kind of bag in the world. Jane Birkin’s Parisian effortless style was admired during the 1970s, with many women adapting her famous straight hair with full bangs.

Bob cut

Anna WintourAnna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, has been sporting the bob haircut for about 30 years. It’s impossible to imagine the longtime journalist to be sporting anything else but this hairstyle.

The Rachel

This cut with shaggy ends and choppy layers plagued the ‘90s after Jennifer Aniston rocked this hairstyle as she played Rachel Green on Friends. While she made it clear that she hated the hairdo, it did not stop everyone from imitating it, making it the ultimate haircut of the decade.

Smooth blowout

There’s something simply beautiful with a smooth and sleek blowout with slight waves. Kate Middleton knows fully well how to nail this hairstyle.