Famous Mustaches in the Movies


There’s something peculiar about having a defined mustache in a movie. It gives a character a new sense. It makes you believe things about him beyond his dialogue will imply or let you see through his personality from a deeper perspective. We’ve compiled movie characters sporting iconic mustaches – those who wouldn’t be the same without their memorable facial hair.

1. Captain James Hook (Hook)

Devilish and cruel, Captain Hook is one of the most renowned villains out there. And, you probably know the benchmark for turning a character into a nemesis – a wicked mustache. He boasts a narrow curly handlebar with wiry ends plus a menacing hook. Peter Pans antagonist surely has a mustache everyone should be scared of.

2. Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction)

A movie revolving around four lives enlaced with tales of violence, power, and redemption, Samuel L. Jackson’s character as Jules Winnfield will not cruise through the film without the incredible furriness they employed.

3. Bill ‘The Butcher Cutting’ The Gangs of New York

Daniel Day-Lewis had to sport the coolest gathering of fur for his role as the ruthless Bill ‘The Butcher’ Cutting. As a ruler of all the gangs in New York City, and given how nasty and terrifying he is, a mustache just perfectly fits.

4. Daniel Plainview (There Will Be Blood)

A story of a stony-hearted prospector who goes on an unabated pursuit for power, even manipulating and using his son for his greed, Daniel Day-Lewis’ role as Daniel Plainview gave him his second iconic furry face in the bog screen.

5. Bandit (Smokey & The Bandit)

In all fairness, any Burts Reynolds’ film where he sported a mustache can enter anyone’s list. But, The Smokey & The Bandit’s wedding drama, which turned into a high-speed pursuit, is just one of the most iconic flicks he made.

6. The Stranger (The Big Lebowski)

Another product of the Coen Brothers, known for their subvert style and parody, and excellent works featuring bushy characters, Sam Elliot’s role as The Stranger, features a story of mistaken identity turned to a bizarre kidnapping case that will bring you in stitches.

7. Wyatt Earp (Tombstone)

Wyatt Earp, a former lawman, moves in the town Tombstone to finally live a peaceful and profitable. His goal never happened though, as he soon comes in conflict with a group of outlaws – his thick mustache was his companion and insignia of his brilliance.

8. James Crockett (Miami Vice)

Based on the 1980 TV action/drama, Colin Farrell perfectly displays how to instill some facial hair in a gritty look, while his personal and professional life precariously interweaves.

9. Goose (Top Gun)

Competing to be the best student in an elite US Flying school, Goose attempts to improve his chances by sporting a bit of mustache on his face. Though, he still has a lot to learn in terms of style from other men on this list.

10. White Goodman (Dodgeball)

Famous among most bikers around the world, White Goodman sports a happy balance between a mustache and a beard – perfect sight for those who are uncertain about having sole coverage on top of the lip while having some consolation down to the chin.

11. Zed (Zardoz)

While it’s hard to veer your attention away from his bizarre attire, if you will look closely, you can notice Zed sporting the world-famous porn-stache. It may seem odd to men wearing it these days but having such is an ordinary thing in this flick.

12. Inspector Jacques Clouseau (The Pink Panther)

Well-groomed, simple, and effective, Inspector Clouseau is a stereotype of a French man, yet he became one of the big screen’s funniest characters. However, we’re sure he wouldn’t be that funny without his iconic foliage.

13. Big Daddy (Kick-Ass)

Nicolas Cage sure has sported different kinds of mustache in many of his films. But, what makes his stache in Kick-Ass stand out is its ability to conceal themselves. Then, it extends and evolves into a horseshoe once Damon Macready transforms into Big Daddy.

14. Ron Burgundy (Anchorman)

Broad and thick, Ron Burgundy’s lip foliage is a trend in the 70s, regarded as the porn-stache. It brings any man pride and serves as his defense against the harsh realities of the world.

15. Pat Healy (There’s Something About Mary)

Suave, pencil, and debonair, that’s the kind of mustache that signifies integrity and sophistication for any man. Well, not for Pat Healy, though. He was a mucky private detective who resorts to all types of deceitful ways just to win the heart of his love, Mary.

16. Hynkel (The Great Dictator)

Charlie Chaplin plays the role of Hynkel, a Hitleresque, dictator and fascist ruler of Tomania, whom he obliterated with mockery and humor. You know the basis of his character, right? The reference personality mustache is enough to make Chaplin’s iconic.

17. Lando Calrissian (Star Wars)

Sporting a dapper mustache, gold-embellished cape, and a lot of charisma, Lando Calrissian brings his swagger into space as a smooth-talking smuggler and later on, as a selfless leader in the remarkable Star Wars franchise.

18. Jack Torrance (The Shining)

Jack Torrance and his family moved into an isolated hotel. Little did they know that the place has a violent past, Jack starts to lose his sanity, affecting all his loved ones. He was clean-shaven in the first part of the film and ended up with icicles on his nasty mustache.

19. Ed Rooney (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

Nothing can be more chilling than a triangle broom mustache. It implies an angry, nebbish personality who dons it. Make sure to remind Ferris on how nasty his dean can be.

20. Dr. Fredrickson (Hairspray)

True enough, a pencil mustache creepingly suits a crazy pseudo-psychiatric personality. A proof is Dr. Fredrickson who attempts to hypnotize Penny into liking guys through his bizarre phallic machine.

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