Fantastic Free Things to Do in Jakarta


Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. This vibrant city is home to the largest mosque in all of Indonesia and many other temples and exciting buildings. Visitors to Indonesia are sure to find plenty to keep them entertained for days, from museums to beautiful parks and beautiful buildings, and a wide variety of Jakarta attractions await visitors to Jakarta. Are you looking for a classic city where you can enjoy fantastic free activities? Would you like to visit because of its unique culture and architecture? The capital of Indonesia and the largest city of Jakarta must meet your needs. Go to Jakarta and see what it offers. Below is a list of top Fantastic Free Things to Do in Jakarta

Visit the Istiqlal Mosque

The Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta is the largest and most visited mosque in Southeast Asia. Muslims from Indonesia and around the world visit this mosque for religious worship and to spend their time. It is famous for its grandeur. Most visitors to the city should reach the Istiqlal Mosque from the Jakarta Hotel, as this magnificent mosque is conveniently located in Lapangan Banteng Square.

Explore Jakarta’s Chinatown

A special place in Jakarta to visit Indonesia. It is home to vibrant Chinese communities. Tourists with cheap flights to Jakarta can discover several houses, shops, traditional markets, and small street vendors in this lively area. This area of the Chinese market is known as the Gold Market, where after flying to Jakarta, Indonesia, you can buy consumer electronics such as TV, radio and computer, Chinese news, and hardware. Explore Jakarta’s Chinatown by walking around the corners of Glodok Chinatown. It is one of the best ways to enjoy Jakarta’s culture and experience the Chinese-Indonesian culture on foot. The area has a relaxing and cool atmosphere signified by peoples, shrines, temples, and spectacular businesses. It is also home to legendary vendors, restaurants, and shops.

Explore the Jakarta Old Town (Kota Tua)

Popularly known as Kota Tua, it is an old town with an engrossing collection of remnants of past places densely covered with the oldest and historical buildings of the city. To enjoy this place, take a walk around and explore the spectacular views of the old town area. Many of the historical buildings here have been reformed to museums. The highlights of the old town area are Rumah Akar, Sunda Kelapa harbor, and Fatahillah Square and are enjoyed for free.

Stroll around Suropati Park

A public park located in Menteng district.,Suropati Park is surrounded by elegant buildings, with a well-maintained landscaped green area with tall trees that create a cool and relaxing atmosphere in the park. The park has a mixture of artistic vibes, natural fresh breeze, and urban liveness. Many doves have settled here and made the park lively and attractive. Individuals flock here and relax under trees as they sing and practice musical instruments. Stroll around this park to have a fun and unforgettable experience.

Visit the National Gallery

The National Gallery of Indonesia is home to the nation’s prestigious artwork and monuments. The visitors are allowed to enter the gallery for free. The gallery has a collection of more than 1700 artworks organized to reflect the national movements and artworks from legendary artists. For example, Raden Saleh and Affandi are among the best and legendary artists. The galley hosts small exhibitions for entertainment.

Ride the City Tour Bus

The government of Jakarta started this initiative in 2014. The free double-decker bus ride is offered to both tourists and locals. The city bust tour gives the passages the opportunity to see and information on the history of Medan Merdeka Barat, Jakarta Art Theatre, and many other art galleries. The tour guides on the buses introduce the visitors to English and other languages. to have a great experience you should board a bus labeled “city tour “and avoid going on weekends as the place is very crowded. You can also book in advance with a prior reservation.

Visit the Fattahileh square

The magnificent Fatahillah Square is similar to a historic district in that it is an old part of the city and is a great place to discover and experience the simple culture. It’s wonderful to be able to stop and relax in the middle of the city in a busy area, but Fathollah Square makes it easy. The square is full of interesting places to stay, interesting places to stop and eat, and there are plenty of people-watching opportunities too. The old town is also great fun to explore cobbled streets, cozy cafes, monuments, and relax under shady trees.

Visit the National Monument

The National Monument is located at the center of the city. It is a free area to visit. While here, climb to the top of the monument for a scenic view of Jakarta from above. The monument is open at 8; 00 a.m.00 a.m.00 a.m. and closes at 16:00 p.m.16:00 p.m.16:00 p.m. every day except on Mondays. The monument features a beautiful park with a cool atmosphere to the west side where people relax as they watch the sunset.

Car-free day

The car-free day was started as an environmental initiative and has become a tradition and lifestyle for locals of Jakarta. It is done every Sunday morning, where both locals and visitors flock on the streets of Sudirman and Thamrin to celebrate this wonderful day. People engage themselves in various activities such as running, walking, feasibility occasions, including entertainment performances, corporate events, and other fun activities. Since it was initiated, it has become a fun event among kids, youth, and adults aimed at improving good health. Your visit to Jakarta should not be complete without experiencing this amazing event.


There are many other attractions to visit in Jakarta, such as Maritime Museum, National Monument, Doll Museum, and Miniature Park. By booking a flight to fly into Jakarta, Indonesia with Cathay Pacific Airlines, which is easily and quickly accessible. Jakarta is a very impressive city, Full of culture, great adventure opportunities, and big-city activities. Just get a passport in advance. While on vacation in Jakarta, don’t forget to explore the delicious Indonesian cuisine, flora, fauna, and culture. Plan your Jakarta tour package so that you have the time to visit the famous places in Jakarta.


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