Farberware single serve blender reviews


Are you looking for a blender; you may set aside a few minutes and go through this article. It will help you in making the right choice and buying a smaller and cheaper blender. The right choice is the Farberware single serve blender.

These days there are tons of blenders available in the market that choosing one is confusing. However, some are too big or expensive. They take the most space in the kitchen that you can put on the counter space all the groceries. Fortunately, among many others, Farbrerware’s single-serve blender is available at a reasonable price offering amazing results.

The Farberware brand was found in 1900 in New York City. It is safe they sell high-quality products and are in the market for a long-time selling kitchen accessory. The Farberware single serve blender comes with different piece sets.

Farberware 10pc blender

Farberware single serve 10pc blender offers an easy-twist emulsifying blade that the ingredient breakdown is amazing. The breakdown of the ingredient assured smoother consistency and maximum nutrition.

It also features travel-friendly cups that drinking using the lids is perfect to take on-the-go. The cups fit into car cup holders easily. They were BPA-free cups, dishwasher safe, included accessories such as 2 short and 2 tall cups, 2 travel lids, 2 emulsifying blade, and lip rings.

Farberware 17 Piece Set Single Serve Blender


The Farberware 17 Piece Set is the best single server blender. It is at an affordable price and is available with many options. The Farberware blender is a small multi-purpose machine designed such that it completes different tasks. We can also use a blender for soap making to create soap we need more equipment, for example, the best quality scale for soap making and need soap making blender.

Stainless steel base

Farberware 17 pc set comes with a stainless-steel base assuring durability. It is a strong unit that slices fruits and vegetables, puree soups, blends, mixes, and is appropriate for many other functions. It is designed perfectly that the blender does not shake or move during operation. It also has no-skid feet.

240 watts motor

Farberware has a 240 watts motor. Though a small blender, it features a high-power motor with strong blades. It makes it easy to crush ice or blend anything with the Best Blender For Ice. Bear in mind the machine gets turned on by twisting the base of the cup.


Farberware single serve blender 17 pc set is an effective, small blender weighing only 7 pounds. It is lightweight that it is easy to move to any other place.

Easy to use

It is a simple blender as it is easy to clean and to use. All the Farberware product parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher, but for the motor base. This 17-piece blender set includes a variety of cups and blades to get flexibility. It comes with 2 blades for blending or chopping, 5 small cups, 4 lids, 1 small cup, 2 blades for blending or chopping.

  • As it allows cleaning in the dishwasher, it saves time.
  • As there are too many cups with lids making a beverage is comfortable.
  • You can also take it wherever you go.

The blender stays firmly in a place while operating. It is a highlight feature as other blenders in the same price range move and spills a lot.


Apart from the blender being light, it works on 240 watts that the operation is fast. You get to save on the electric bills. The Farberware 17-piece set is effective, though it is 10 watts lesser than other blenders. It works effectively and can crush the ice with ease.

17 pieces benefits

As it features 17 different pieces, the job is easier. Chopping or blending, there are blades to make the job simple for you, and the blender was easier. There are a few benefits, such as most vegetables or fruits, do not go waste as it otherwise goes with bigger blenders.

If you are one of those looking for a reasonably priced and effective blender, this blender is the best. It is coming at affordable prices and breaks down faster. There is nothing to worry about. There are 17 pieces to start that there is always available something as spare. A blender worth recommending is the Farberware single server blender with 17 pc set. It is flexible and proves to perform better in several tests.

Farberware single serve blender instructions

Farberware blender is like another electrical machine. It comes with instructions, and so you are sure to be safe, prevent damages or injuries. The basic instruction is to keep in mind to prevent electric shock, the burns risk, or other damages. The instructions include some of the following lines, such as:

  • Avoid always contacting moving parts.
  • When not in use, unplug the unit.
  • Before cleaning or taking the pieces off, unplug the unit.
  • Always run the blender with the lid in place.
  • Handle carefully because the blades are very sharp.
  • Do not use the blender in a damp area or outdoors.
  • Do not use the blender for other than intended use.
  • When used by children, always close supervision is needed.
  • Cup must be correctly tightened and placed before turning on the blender.
  • Do not try to blend warm liquids.
  • Don’t try to defeat the interlock mechanism.
  • Do not run the machine if there is a damaged plug or cord.

To prevent the electrical shock risk, DO NOT put the power base of the blender or the cord in water.

Wrapping up

The instructions coming with the blender is of immense help. It is important to bear in mind that you must avoid such damages or injuries. It is a cheaper blender that is actually good. The reasonable price blender with so many parts and powerful functions is a catchy product.

Anyone looking for a blender to make smoothies and delicious shakes can go for the Farberware blender. It is the best right choice as single-serve blenders in this price range coming with 17 pcs. It is one of the best opportunities to own a blender that is highly functional, fast, and easy to use.

Farberware single serve blender has everything you expect. There is no need to spend on buying additional pieces. The blender is more affordable, as the pieces are safe to clean in the dishwasher, thereby saving you energy and time.

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