FareUpThere Set to be the Biggest Travel Hack of 2021


When it comes to booking a flight, the actual booking part, is easy — what’s hard is finding a flight in the budget with an acceptable level of comfort and amenities. I would be remiss not to mention COVID-19 precautions with the way 2020 has gone those far.

If you’re a germaphobe like me, then you are particularly concerned with cabin cleanliness, restrooms, food and of course Wi-Fi speed. Recently voted as a top app on Product Hunt,  FareUpThere  now wants to answer those questions and much more with their new flight booking airline ratings/reviews app.

With this gem, travelers can research flights before booking with Yelp-like reviews and ratings on things like seats, service, and if you are a new flyer, even landings. But what makes this the ultimate travel hack is that you actually get paid for leaving reviews. Yep, you heard that right, get paid for your two cents.

When your flight lands, scan your boarding pass in the FareUpThere app and answer some questions about your flight experience. You’ll be rewarded for your responses with points that can be redeemed for flight miles and gift cards. Although you can scan any boarding pass from a flight you’ve taken, you’ll earn double the points for scanning a boarding pass from a flight booked with the FareUpThere app.

“Right now we are tracking traveller sentiment on things like food, seats, and Wi-Fi, but pretty soon we are going to roll out data points like which airlines are best for kids, tall people, and pregnant passengers,” said Malcolm Woods, Founder of FareUpThere in our interview today.

FareUpThere couldn’t have come at a better time either. As vaccines across the world begin to roll out, it looks like there is a tidal wave of travel demand around the corner, and with FareUpThere, we can finally make sense of it all.

Nazan Ali Is A Senior Digital Strategist, She is The Editor of the Viralmich.com. She has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to Social Media Marketing, Technology, and Business, etc.



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