Fascinating Facts You Likely Didn’t Know about Video Games

Video games are at the core of gaming indulgence with features that thrill, mystify, and amaze us. Behind all these games that are loved and attractive with top online casino bonuses are some little-known facts that make them even more exciting to play. Even if you have a vast knowledge of the video gaming world, you likely don’t know every single fact involved in their development. Some of these facts are basic and fun while others stretch into a strange realm, but they all inspire greater cognisance of how the world of video games operates.

There is one for everything

Video games have evolved from the original simple tennis game Pong to include options that offer almost any kind of experience. There are hundreds of video game genres covering everything, including racing, warfare, cooking, beauty, home design, and others. Some are centred on educating the player rather than just providing gaming fun. For instance, Elevate helps improve one’s math, reading, writing, and focus skills while including all the fun elements that are tied to video games.

We almost had Laura Cruz

Lara Croft is without a doubt one of the most prominent names in the gaming realm, but we almost had a Laura Cruz instead. At the very beginning of game development, the animator for Core Design wanted to make the interactive game about a male explorer running through the pyramids in Egypt. However, the character was considered too similar to Indiana Jones, and he opted for a South American lady instead. The video game animation team first went with the name Laura Cruz but later changed it to Lara Croft seeing that it would resonate better with the UK market.

Banana smugglers

Final Fantasy Legend II, one of Game Boy’s most successful titles, leads players into an encounter with opium smugglers. However, the censorship guidelines applied by Nintendo barred it from showing the scene in the US version of the game. The game distributor solved the issue by making the smugglers peddle bananas instead, and they can be spotted in the back alleys of the city smuggling the yellow fruit.

Good for the mind and body

In the past, video games were regarded as avenues of time wastage, violent behaviour, and general poor performance. However, with time and a lot of research, scientists have countered these claims and proven that video games have numerous benefits for the mind and body. Players who indulge in video games are proven to be fast decision-makers even in the real world since they are constantly in an environment where they survive by having a heightened sense of their surroundings. Surgeons that play video games also display 37% more precision during procedures and 27% more speed than their non-gaming counterparts.

Everyone was in the dark with Pac-Man

One would expect that the creators of a video game would be in the know on how the set ends, but that was not the case with Pac-Man. The game designers were as in the dark as players on how it ended since it was designed to run infinitely. Creators and gamers alike only got to see what the end looked like when Billy Mitchell finished the game once all it ran out of internal storage.

GTA was originally Race’n’Chase

Grand Theft Auto is among the most successful video game franchises, but it did not start off as a criminal based game. Instead, it was a racing game dubbed Race’n’Chase that played out like other ordinary titles in the niche. However, a glitch in the game made the police cars act weird and ram into the player. The game testers became so fond of the glitch that instead of removing it, they built the entire game around it, which was the birth of GTA.

 A ride through history

Video games are a common part of most people’s lives in current times, especially with their ease of access. One father made the indulgent interesting for his son by making him play his way to modernity instead of granting him access to just any video game. The child started with Galaxian, which was released in 1979.

The wonders of Tetris

Tetris is a game familiar to even those that do not fancy themselves video gamers. With such widespread popularity, it is no surprise that some strange facts would be tied to the set. The game of Tetris has been proven to help people resist cravings for food, sex, and drugs.

Video gamers are likely lucid dreamers

People that play video games a lot are more likely to have control over their dreams, a skill that doesn’t come easy to those who don’t. This skill is acquired from the long hours spent controlling the reality within the video game, which can reflect in the dream world as well.  Its also helpful to have support through options like warzone cheats and more.

In Brief

Anything is possible in the world of video games, and these few facts go on to prove the point. Something that can be considered a misstep in other gaming realms, such as in the creation of slot and table games, can be the first step to great discovery in video games. If you are a true-blooded gamer, for sure you would also want to try to play the most popular games in the 90s.