Fashion Tips for Short Men


Trust me;we know what it feels like to be below average when it comes to height. It can be a terrible problem! Especially when it comes to filtering. It is not a secret to anyone that tall men have an easier time in love. But do not be discouraged, because everything has a solution. Today článok will give you a set of fashion tips for short men that will solve your life.

8 Fashion Tips for Short Men

Fashions are constantly changing, that’s a fact. However, there are certain tricks that have been kept for generations. And in the case of short men, the subject is quite developed. Pay attention.  It’s time to bring back the 90s with platform shoes.

1. Don’t Wear Loose Clothing

First things first: Short men don’t fit baggy clothes! Sadly, if you like turn-of-the-century rapper style, you won’t look well dressed like this.

If you are short, it is best to buy tight clothes that enhance your figure and make you look slimmer and taller. But don’t overdo it. In the pants you can leave the area on the thighs a little looser and tighter at the ankles. In the shirt, it is good that it is a little tight in the chest area or wear sneakers.

2. Make your Shoulders Notice

Shoulder pads are back in fashion. And great, as a pair of shoulder pads will make you look taller! Leather jackets are a perfect option for you, as the long shoulders make your head look a bit smaller, giving the feeling of height.

But, importantly, don’t wear long jackets, like overcoats. The best thing is that the garment does not fall below your waist. This can give you a rocker / European look that will turn heads.

3. The Pants, Not Too Low

The ideal place to wear pants is between the navel and the hips. Lower down will make your legs look shorter. Higher up and your torso will appear small and plump… it doesn’t suit you. Apart from this, when it is winter times, you can try windproof pants mens so you can be comfortable during the cold too.

4. Mix Solid and Dark Colors

Surprisingly, the dark and solid colors make your figure look taller. Therefore, wearing a dark brown sweatshirt, with a black jacket and pants will suit you very well.

5. Wear Platform Shoes

To complement a fashionable and elegant outfit, you can visit adidas ultraboost. With physical and virtual stores of shoes with a platform of up to seven centimeters those ships throughout Chile (and the world). But calm down! The best of all is that it will not be noticed that you use platform shoes. And in addition, there are many elegant and vintage models that go with current fashions.

6. Swap Common Patterns for Vertical Lines

Vertical lines make your body look longer. For nothing in the world use horizontal lines, since you will see yourself wider and smaller. Also, a pattern with horizontal letters or a square figure is not the best either. However, you can take a chance with those prints of many small figures.

7. Don’t Fasten all the Buttons

Being on the wave of fit and being tall at the same time makes it look good to wear your shirt buttoned down to the last button. But we short men cannot afford that luxury.

We must leave at least one or two top buttons loose. In this way, your entire neck and part of your chest will be seen, making that area of ​​your body look more elongated.

8. Hair: Straight up!

You may not be very fond of using hair wax, but there are some who do not need it. In any case, do not use hair that is too long, since due to its own weight, it falls out and looks flattened, reducing height.

However, if you can give it volume it would be ideal. If you have it short enough, try combing it up. You can get yourself a few extra inches.

Being Short does not Prevent Being Fashionable

Despite what many may believe, being short does not mean that you cannot dress in fashion. On the contrary! There are millions of possibilities and combinations to put together a perfect outfit that follows the currents of the moment, and also makes you look taller. Go ahead, you already have some tricks.

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