Fashion Trends: Mismatching on Purpose is a Thing


A new trend has been breaking the rules of fashion recently. It has emerged on red carpets and runways, challenging the traditional fashion of matching pairs for your outfit.  Adapting unique fashion statements as a way of expressing oneself has become a widely accepted norm in different parts of the world. In fact, even 1700s fashion trends and 1800 fashion trends have lots of ‘weird’ fashion statements that the new generation would hardly appreciate. But purposely mismatching your getup is something that is so interesting and extremely unique!

The term for this fad is purposeful mismatch. Models and stars are purposefully wearing pairs of seemingly similar but different earrings or shoes. Mismatching on purpose indeed is a thing today. Forget about being so delicate, loosen up. Wacky is the new cool in fashion.

Mismatched Shoes

Nichole Chapoteau, Allure’s fashion director said that mismatching is one of the trends that may have started on the streets and now has already captured the attention of the fashion world. Well-known designers such as Calvin Klein, Celine, and Jacquemus have adopted the idea of purposeful mismatching by showing different colored shoes on runways.

One company that has been following this trend is  So, if you’re looking to adopt this mismatching trend, you can definitely have a charcoal grey Vessi shoes on one foot and the aqua blue shoe on the other. No matter how you mismatch your Vessi footwear, they will always look great with each other and on you! features shoes with high quality Flash Knit technology which had been the rave recently due to its comfortable knitted and waterproof attributes. It is water-repellant, waterproof, windproof, and has moisture-wicking technology. They are comfortably knitted, form-fitting and super flexible because it is a fusion between nylon and polyester materials.

With its great features and attributes, you can actually mismatch your shoes every day, no matter what the weather is. Check it out online. The prices are also not that high. For example the Women’s CityScape are just $129 but you can also use a coupon code to get a lower price. At the moment of writing this article the best discount that you can get at Vessie Footwear is 15% off. Ignite the inner fashionista in you while doing active tasks such as hiking and climbing by wearing purposeful mismatched Vessi footwear.

Mismatched Apparel

Mismatched Apparel

Mismatching clothes is also the vogue.  Haider Ackermann combined leopard, tartan, and checked prints in black and white to attain a gorgeous city-girl look. Lavin also featured mixed textures and tribals atop snakeskin boots to achieve a high-end hippie style. Miu Miu is into a prairie-damsel-gone-rogue and eccentric librarian look with mismatching python leathers, printed cottons, and embroidered knits altogether.

Combining clashing prints is the fad.  Catwalk shows focus more about prints and tribal patterns. The purposeful mismatching gives an air of sophistication that enhances the light-hearted vibe it brings.

Mismatched Accessories

Fashion icons and stars also rock glamorous events by wearing mismatched accessories. Nicole Kidman was seen wearing pink Calvin Klein shoes that did not have identical jewels during the Emmys. Handmaid’s Tale star, Madeline Brewer as well as Feud actress, Kiernan Shipka wore two noticeable earrings too. Brewer even told the press that she wore mismatched sparkly earrings simply because she liked them both. She deliberately wore two different earrings on the carpet because they looked similar but with different colors.

A-Line Partners fashion analyst, Gabriella Santaniello said that the point of using mismatched accessories is like you wanted to conform people. It’s as if you are into something unexpected. The idea is most probably true based on the reactions all over America today.

Mismatching on purpose is an art form, though at times it may seem to appear thoughtlessly thrown altogether. You must not assume that it is alright to just combine everything together. If you do it right, the results would most probably look fashionable. So, be careful about what you’re mismatching. If you’re about to try it for the first time, consult those fashion mags and websites. Otherwise, you run the risk of looking like you got dressed in the dark.





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