Fashion Trends of American Presidents


American presidents have always had a huge impact on the entire world. With their power and status, they’ve become trendsetters, even when it comes to fashion. Every decision they take is studied, analyzed and considered by specialists who are not only aware of the image it represents but the psychology behind the choice being made, making sure it’s in the president’s best interest. Because of their influence, their choices have become fashion statements.

Barack Obama

Being the first African-American president in office, President Obama was already under the microscope. He came into office with his fit build and easy-going character and won people’s hearts. You can tell from the watches worn by President Obama that his fashion choices also reflected that image, making him feel like one of the people. The watch worn by President Obama was a simple, elegant watch that is made by a local American brand, reflecting his support for the country as well as his originality.


One of the iconic fashion statements also made by President Obama was the infamous tan suit. Steering tradition away from the normal navy and grey suits, Obama showed up at a press conference in a tan suit, shocking everyone with his fashion statement. However, he managed to break the tradition and make light-colored suits a new fashion trend for those in office.

George W. Bush

True to his Texas roots, President Bush not only emphasized the cowboy look, but made the trend more popular resulting in cowboy hats being seen everywhere. Being spotted frequently in Wranglers and cowboy hats, Bush’s Texan nature was undeniable. When a man in power uses a certain look, it is quite common for many people to adopt it and make it a trend.

Another Texan trend that Bush initiated was cowboy boots. When Bush was seen wearing a stunning pair of cowboy boots in a formal event on a tuxedo and bow tie, the fashion trend was instated. In no time, cowboy boots were seen and accepted as part of formal attire and the trend sky-rocketed bringing super-cool, funky boots to men’s formal-wear.

Ronald Reagan

Not all iconic fashion statements started by presidents are instantly accepted. When President Reagan toured Europe in a grey and white glen plaid suit, his choice of wardrobe was not only discussed and criticized but was also analyzed, trying to understand if there was a political significance or statement behind it. While it was reported to be “unprofessional”, President Reagan thought otherwise as he had taken the effort of making sure the suit was worthy in terms of style and manufacturing. The way he wore glen plaid with so much confidence and believing in his choices regardless of the criticism, turned his statement into a trend that was eventually all over the place. When a man of power matches a unique style with confidence and elegance, the look is bound to be picked up by the people eventually and that is what happened in this case. To this day, plaid is still a strong fashion icon, inspired by Reagan’s confidence.

John Kennedy

Kennedy was one of the presidents to master the mismatched suit in less formal events or dinner. Showing up in a pair of darker wool or tweed jacket with a crisp pair of lighter slacks showed that he not only knew how to dress, but also emphasized the informal statement he was going for.

When it comes to President Kennedy, his style was not only exceptional but one that made many trends pick up. For example, one of the trends that President Kennedy started was the buttoned beach-look. Many people were found wearing a white oxford linen button-down instead of the common graphic T-shirt or tank top, inspired by photographs of Kennedy on the beach. His sense of style created a new trend that is still popular amongst many to this day embracing a mix of casualness, elegance, and grace.

The president was also known to dress down an outfit by wearing a pair of simple pair of trainers, which is also still commonly used by many fashion brands today to promote sneakers for a certain target audience.

A fashion statement can be very easily picked up when making an appearance on a man of power and status, such as the president of the United States. Wearing it with confidence makes the trend appealing to the general public and before you know it, a new trend is set. That’s what many of the above American presidents had the power to do and have dominated the fashion industry with unique styles.

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