Fashion Trends: Stylish Watches 2021


Watch is as much a piece of fashion as it is a piece of utility, if not more. For this reason, each year we are seeing new fashion trends for watches, and 2021 is not an exception. To get the most out of buying a new watch, knowing which trends are on the rise is important.

Here are the top fashion trends of stylish watches in 2021 to look for.

Luxury Watches

Watch is usually seen as a thing you buy for a lifetime, and for this reason, people are starting to invest more and more into the watches they buy. No one wants to change a watch every season, and because of that, the luxury watch market is growing faster than ever before. Watches of a lower price point are not seeing much love in recent years and 2021 is not different. If you are in a tough financial situation, consider saving up for a watch which is at least in the middle of price points, and it will pay-off greatly. Not only because it will hold up way longer than a low-end watch, but also because in most cases they are more stylish than their cheaper counterparts.

Consider buying your watch from the top brands available in the market that not only offers you the quality but also the stylish and an elegant look as well. But how to decide which one is the best suited for your needs as there are various brands available in the market that promise you everything? We have made it easy for you. We’d recommend you to go for BAUSELE, the first premium Australian watch brand. BAUSELE is well known for offering high end designer watches for men and women, not only in Australia but around the world. It offers the quality that you’ll love and the style that you’ll adore. Not only you’ll love to have Bausele watch on your hand but you’ll also enjoy the 5 years warranty with free shipping and returns worldwide.

Mechanical Watches

Mechanical Watches

There are three main groups of watches on the market these days, which are smart, quartz, and mechanical. While smartwatches were a big hit a couple of years ago, they have not diminished the sales of high-end, luxurious mechanical and quartz watches. Especially mechanical, because even though quartz pieces are more accurate, people have started to appreciate the level of master craftsmanship it took to put together a mechanical watch.


Minimalism is more than just an aesthetic, it is a lifestyle, which is becoming more and more popular in recent years. The trend of minimal look has also touched the industry of watches. In 2021, pieces with no unnecessary ornamentation and with the emphasis on functionality are considered more stylish than designs with over the top designs. The minimalistic look can be fulfilled by wearing Bauhaus watches, which are inspired by the art and design school of Walter Gropius. Since then, the Bauhaus movement has inspired to fuse art and industry, and as a result, numerous crafts, including watches, are produced following the principles of minimalism. If you want your watch to talk, this style of watch is one of the greatest options you can choose.  You can enhance your watch design with the best watch straps as well for a great look.

Blue Dials – Universality

In recent years blue dials have become more and more popular, and in 2021 they are at the pinnacle of style. It is because blue and navy are one of the most versatile colors. They go well with almost any color, and on the watch, it makes it universal. If you own a watch with a blue dial, you can style it for an occasion with your suit, or with your usual night-out outfit for the weekend. That is the reason why blue is on the rise and will continue to be so in the foreseeable future. Buying one great watch which can be styled with most of your outfits is a great way to save money and become free of unnecessary hassle by overthinking which watch you should wear.

If you are looking to buy a new watch, consider these fashion trends in 2021. This year, buying a universal, minimalistic watch with a blue dial, which has a mechanical movement is your best option. Keep in mind that these are only the trends, and always make sure that you buy a piece which you yourself will love and enjoy.

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