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Have you ever found yourself in this situation? You place a massive accumulator that multiplies your stake sevenfold, all matches from the domestic league taking place during the weekend. You’re so happy that you want to gather your friends and go celebrate your win but realise your bookmaker doesn’t do weekend payouts, and you won’t get the funds until midweek. Long gone are the days when such a scenario would be business as usual for the majority of bookmakers. 

Nowadays, online sportsbook withdrawals processing times are measured in hours and even minutes. To avoid finding yourself in a situation like the one presented above, you need to find some reliable, fast payout bookies. And that’s precisely what this page offers to you, a list of top-rated bookies that won’t think twice before processing your withdrawal. Also, here are the most important things you must know about betting sider uden dansk licens.

What is the Fastest Payout Bookmaker

Establishing a clear winner for the fastest payout bookmaker category is not that easy to achieve. Subtle differences in processing times can always appear due to payment processors, banks or even worse the financial condition of the sportsbook. However, every example on our list of fastest withdrawal sportsbooks is guaranteed to deliver swift payments. The best way to make sure you will not have to wait for your withdrawal ever again is by creating an account with each of the quickest payout bookies on this list. That way, no matter which one you pick, payout speed won’t be an issue. Being created, curated and continuously updated by betting experts and professional punters, our list also provides the best payment methods betting sites since the two go hand in hand.

Why You Need a Quick Withdrawal Time

Betting at fast withdrawal bookies is very important no matter how you look at it. First of all, it’s a great sign that you’re dealing with a reliable bookie that values its customers. Having the funds available in a matter of minutes allows you to place the next bet at the same sportsbook or a different one without having to make another deposit. This is especially important for pro punters since you don’t want to affect your bankroll when you can just use the winnings from a previous wager. Or, like in the short story we presented at the beginning, you can simply use a quick winnings payout to go out and celebrate right on the spot! No matter if you decide to use the won funds to place another bet or pay the rent, being able to have the money in hand quickly is critical.

Why My Betting Payout Got Delayed?

Now, there are several reasons why a payout gets delayed, and we’re going to explore each of the most common scenarios. Delayed winnings are not necessarily a sign of an unreliable bookmaker since the ball is not in their court all the time. Check out these examples to better understand the entire process.

Unverified Account

According to the Anti Money Laundering policies they are obliged to follow, bookmakers perform a standard Know Your Customer procedure when you create a new account or request the first withdrawal. To avoid a long payout procedure, it’s best to verify your account right from the start and make things go smoothly.

On Purpose Delaying 

Unfortunately, this scenario is still happening as not all bookies have the best interest of their customers in mind. Slow withdrawal times and no communication from the bookie are both strong signs that you’re dealing with a rogue bookie, and you should contact the licensing authority about it.

Delay from 3rd Party Processors

This is the scenario we referred to in this paragraph’s intro. Sometimes, no matter how trustworthy and well-intentioned the bookie is, delays from its payment processors can appear. Technical issues are the most likely cause, however, no matter what the reason is you should be constantly updated on the status of your payment.

Bank Delays

Sometimes, a fast payout is slowed down by your bank, and this situation is especially valid for countries that don’t see online betting with kind eyes. Additional time to verify the transaction is taken by the bank, leading to a massive delay.

Which is the Fastest Payout Method?

As previously mentioned, the payout speed a bookie can guarantee is often tightly connected with the betting payment method you choose. Since, in most cases, payouts are processed in the same way you used for depositing, make sure you always choose the fastest option.


Being available at more and more bookies both as depositing method as well as for withdrawals, cryptocurrencies offer instant processing times. Betting in BTC or ETH, for example, has the extra advantage of increasing your wins with the price fluctuations.

Debit Cards

Continuing our journey through the fastest withdrawal methods, we reach debit cards. Extremely popular among punters, debit cards can provide instant payments as well. Worst case scenario, you will only have to wait a couple of hours for your funds.


Considered by most the best payout method, ewallets like Skrill, PayPal or Neteller are incredibly flexible and guarantee instant payments. To most of them, you can also attach a card so taking out cash at the ATM is no longer a problem.

Bank Wire

Rarely used anymore, bank wires are a lot slower compared to the other payout options. You could wait up to 5 business days for such a transaction to be completed due to the involvement of banks.

Money Transfer

The faster version for a bank wire, money transfers are preferred by punters with no debit card or ewallet account. Many services offer quick money transfer payments, up to a couple of days.


In case you’ll still be able to find a bookie offering cheque withdrawals, be informed that you could be looking at a couple of weeks waiting time until the funds are cleared. However, if this is the only option for you, it’s still better than not getting paid.



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