Fastest and Budget-Friendly Ways To Travel To Work


There’s a direct correlation between commutes and your overall demeanor throughout the day. It’s the first interaction you have with the outside world. Once you wake up, shower, brush your teeth, and get your shoes on (then pocket/purse check), the first hello to the day is a rushed effort to get to work on time. We can try to predict traffic, but let’s be honest.

If you live in a heavily populated city, predicting the stock market is easier. You might as well leave for work yesterday. And the road rage! Just think about the millions of people that get in their car, sleepy and disheveled, and spend the first few waking hours completely infuriated. That’s no way to live. Fortunately, there are better, more budget friendly options to get to work that most likely won’t set off your fight-or-flight alarms. 

Electric Skateboard 

An electric personal transportation is a relatively new thing. If you live in the Los Angeles area, you’re very familiar, it’s those electric scooters everywhere. And while they’re okay, constant travel using them can lead to some unexpected bills and angry pedestrians. A good happy medium between the scooter and just plain walking is an electric skateboards. They’re highly portable, easy to use, and are immensely fun. Would you rather be stuck in a car on some congested freeway hating life? Or does surfing through the concrete on a motorized skateboard sound like a better idea? Money says you’d rather have fun. Plus, they’re a lot cheaper than you think.

Public Transportation 

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a city with good public transportation, you’re lucky. Using it is probably the most efficient means of getting to point B that you can get. They run on time, within 15 minutes (or exactly on the dot within the second if you’re in Tokyo). Taking public transportation is an amazing way to get ahead on your emails or reading. You know when you’re going to get there. You know when you need to start looking at where you are, and you also know that there’s a bit of time in between to either: catch up on a book, answer your emails, or just reflect on the day. 


If you’re within a few miles of work. Biking is a fairly good option. You get that exercise in during your morning commute. Also, you get to see the roads and streets in a way that only cyclists really do. Ever heard of the adage “maybe look at the other side of the street”? It pertains to routine and the things you miss while fulfilling a commute. On a bike, you get to see everything. A bike is the best way to promote a sense of physical culture and fitness while at the same time, getting to work on time. 

The point in all this is to not be stuck in traffic. Having an expensive car, and a fancy monthly payment along with it, may seem like an attractive thing. But what really matters in life? Reflection, fun, your health. And if an electric skateboard can bring some joy and a bike can get your heart pumping, why not?

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