Fastest Growing Business in the UK with 24 Hours Dispatch: Specscart

Every journey begins with the question – Why? And there is always a visionary that goes looking out for the answers. Fortunately for eyewear lovers, an entrepreneur in Manchester found one.

Can you recall the last time you purchased your glasses? We bet you do because it must have burnt a hole in your pocket. It is a pity how costly eyewear is nowadays, especially prescription glasses. Advance prescription lenses cost a bomb, and if you add special coatings, the price goes up even further.

Although there are a lot of options, the inflated costs in the eyewear industry never seem to come to an end. You only see an elevated value of designer frames. There is only a rare chance of finding an affordable pair that doesn’t come with a compromise in quality.

Have you ever given a thought about it? Why does it cost an arm and a leg to afford a suitable pair, made of quality material? Turns out, there’s a massive world behind our small spectacles that controls and regulates the eyewear market on its terms.

The big players dominate all the top-tier designer glasses and sunglasses brands. In such a complex industry, it is difficult to break in and give people what they want.

That is why, with affordability, quality, fashion and fast service in mind, a modern startup – Specscart came into action.

A Britain born start-up, Specscart became one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK in no time. The main mantra of the company is to change the way people perceive eyeglasses. It wants to change the mindset of people who think that glasses can only be a form of vision correcting device and that fashion has nothing to do with glasses.

Apart from an online presence, it also has two physical stores. Shipping is free in the UK and for international orders, it charges its customers very nominal rates. The website additionally offers the customers a free service where they can order four pairs of eyeglasses for a week.  This has helped the company to build its reputation by showing a growing number of customers the quality of the products. Specscart had been granted the Venture Award 2018 in Business category for its remarkable model and quick dispatch of prescription eyeglasses from its Manchester-based stores.

Fastest Growing Business in the UK with 24 Hours Dispatch Specscart 2

Starting from £29, Specscart sells eyeglasses and sunglasses at affordable rates as it manufactures glasses in-house and then directly sells to the customers. The removal of middlemen from the process is the reason behind the low and economical prices of the prescription glasses. However, low prices do not mean any compromise in quality. In such low prices, Specscart provides premium coating like anti-glare, anti-UV, anti-scratch and anti-resistance with no extra charges!

Eyewear industry has not evolved over the years. But Specscart is on a mission to make people believe that eyeglasses can also be a fast fashion accessory. You can select from designer reading glasses to fashionable frames for a date night look – there’s a wide variety of frames. If you are unsure about your prescription, they even offer home eye-tests for an individual and also for groups. NHS aided free eye-tests can be booked at Specscart. Even corporate offices can get bulk bookings for eye-test for their employees.

A Frame for Every Game

You won’t regret spending your time on finding the glasses of your preference at Specscart as they have glasses in all frames like cat-eye glasses, aviator glasses, round glasses, oval glasses, rectangular or geometric shapes in a lot of colours. The in-house brands, Tom Archer and Marc Fabien have spectacular designer frames which are worth every penny. Different glasses can be bought for different occasions to show others that you take your fashion game seriously.

In addition to all of the mind-blowing services, Specscart also has blue light glasses which can be bought with or without a prescription to give your eyes maximum protection from the harmful blue light emitted by the digital devices. These are a must-have commodity for all the people who sit in front of a digital screen for hours either for work or for entertainment.

Head to Specscart’s website and order your glasses now!