Fastest Growing Crypto Apps of 2023

You’ve likely heard about cryptocurrencies and how they’ve grown enormously in popularity over the past few years. But crypto goes far beyond just digital currencies – there are now entire ecosystems of crypto apps that are seeing massive adoption. As we enter 2023, here are some of the fastest growing crypto apps that you should keep an eye on.

Jupiter Exchange

Jupiter Exchange ( is one of the hottest new centralized crypto exchanges aimed at retail and institutional investors. Although it was only launched in 2021, Jupiter Exchange has already seen tremendous growth in users and trading volume.

What sets Jupiter Exchange apart is its focus on user experience – the interface is slick and easy to use. You can quickly switch between spot, margin, and futures trading. Jupiter also offers staking rewards for holding certain coins on the platform.

As Jupiter works to add more coin listings and staff up its customer support, you can expect it to continue its rapid rise in 2023 among the top crypto trading platforms. The potential here is very high.


De.Fi is one of the fastest growing “everything” apps in web3. They started by focusing on DeFi yield farming and portfolio tracking, but in 2023 they expanded with cutting-edge product serving the SocialFi and crypto security spaces. They bill themselves as a “Web3 SuperApp”.

Some of the hottest crypto apps in De.Fi include lending/borrowing platforms and decentralized exchanges that let you efficiently trade tokens and earn interest. The tools provided by De.Fi allow users to browse these different DeFi opportunities across 30+ EVM chains and other alternative ecosystems such as Cosmos, Tezos, and Cardano.

With positive price movements returning to crypto, you can expect De.Fi and other DeFi apps to achieve more mainstream adoption in 2024 among retail investors. As these services grow more intuitive and accessible, while offering unbeatable rates, De.Fi stands to fundamentally disrupt the way that users interact with crypto.


Friend.Tech is an up-and-coming social network built on blockchain technology for Web3. This open-source platform offers features familiar from traditional social media apps, but with a focus on user privacy, autonomy, and financial rewards.

On Friend.Tech, you own and control all of your content and data – no algorithms or advertisers getting in the way. You can choose exactly how you engage with other users’ posts through replies, likes, saves, and other reactions. Excitingly, all this activity earns you crypto token rewards.

As one of the first decentralized and tokenized social media ecosystems, all signs point to Friend.Tech capturing significant popularity in the next couple of years among crypto’s early mainstream adopters. If the concept resonates, exponential growth could follow.

The Future Looks Bright

As you can see, innovation in the cryptocurrency space is accelerating faster than ever in areas like decentralized finance and applications with user ownership and rewards. Jupiter Exchange, De.Fi, and Friend.Tech represent just a sampling of the trends to monitor entering 2023.

With increased crypto adoption on the horizon, it’s an exciting time see to what other novel apps may emerge. Rather than dismissing crypto as confusing or risky, now is the perfect opportunity to start exploring – you don’t want to miss out! Consider setting up accounts, contributing to communities, or just reading more. Crypto’s expansive ecosystem eagerly welcomes new participants.