Fastest Payout Casino New Zealand

So, you have just struck a $10,000 big win on the slots, and you want that money as soon as possible so you can spend it. What is the process of getting what you win into your bank account as fast as possible? Are there any issues to be aware of, is banking a slow process, and what methods can help to make the transactions of withdrawals go safer, smoother, and faster?

Our guide to the Fastest Payout Casino New Zealand discusses everything you need to know about quick banking with gambling operators. Let’s not slot this process down and get straight into it.

Fast Payment Methods

Casino operators are able to provide an abundance of payment solutions that can help to fast-track withdrawals. Here we look at four options that are commonly used amongst New Zealand players to secure both their deposited payments and their withdrawals. Do take note, that if you are unable to use any of the methods we’re about to discuss, fast-track withdrawals don’t necessarily have to come about from the method of payment. Some online casinos, for example, are able to provide faster banking services as part of their VIP benefits. So, this is another area of casino service to look into.

But, for now, here are four commonly used online payment services that can return winnings to your account within 3 business days.


PayPal is perhaps the most popular online payment service there is. It offers protection on personal data by extracting client information from payments, and it provides insurance protection of purchases. PayPal is an e-wallet service, and these are common amongst the fastest payment solutions. PayPal acts as a third party, it holds and stores finances which can be swapped between the individual’s bank account, and the merchant, which in this case, are the casinos. When it comes to cash returns, you can expect a window no greater than 48 hours.


The first e-wallet service to go global was Neteller. It performs the same action as any other e-wallet, with its anonymous security features, and acts as a middleman between casino and bank. The withdrawal time that comes with Neteller for some online casinos can be 3 days max, but on average, your window is 48 hours. Neteller, like PayPal, are regulated services, they may not be tied to any bank or be as grounded in the financial establishment as usual banks, but they come with the same degree of security and trust.


Skrill is like Neteller, another e-wallet payment service that too provides users with anonymous banking and can transfer money between bank and casino by acting as the third-party company in the middle. You might be asking why have the middleman? Well, they actually take away a lot of the administration process that banks are unfortunately cursed with. Skrill has a payment process that is like Neteller some casinos give members a 3-day window, but on average money can return within 24 to 48 hours.


The newest of the currencies and to no surprise to anybody is the cryptocurrency. Online casinos have long been advocates of using crypto and as such, the list of accepted crypto online includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Tron, Ripple, Dogecoin, and Cardano. Crypto is without question the fastest financial system that exists. The security is also the best you can get because of blockchain security. The time it takes for withdrawals to happen is between minutes to hours.

Top Fastest Paying Casinos in New Zealand

Which casinos in New Zealand can support these and other payment services that can return winnings in no more than 3-days. We are sharing with you three options that provide fast withdrawal times, and we’ll discuss a bit about what they provide as a service.

Wildz Casino

Wildz Casino is offering members a banking service that includes Neteller, Skrill, and Trustly. The payment options support the NZD currency and provide a deposit and withdrawal service. Wildz casino hosts over 1500 casino games and progressive jackpots. You can play live dealer games and experience the software work of more than 35 gaming companies. Processing time on payments before they are withdrawn is between 0 to 7 hours.

Gate 777

Gate 777 online casino provides its members with PayPal, Skrill, Trustly, Neteller, and Boku payment options. While most of these can be used as deposit and withdrawal methods, the PayPal here cannot be used to withdraw money, only deposit. Gate 777 Casino is home to more than 1500 casino games and comes with live tables, jackpots, incredible promotions, and VIP service. The time taken to process withdrawals is 0 to 7 hours.

Caxino Casino

Caxino uses EcoPayz, Neteller, and Skrill amongst its limited banking options. All can be used to deposit and cash-out payments. The casino offers members over 1500 games with live dealer features, slots, and jackpots. Powered by over 30 gaming companies, Caxino Casino is an appealing platform and is third in New Zealand’s top 10 list of best NZ casinos online. The withdrawal processing time is between 0 and 12 hours.

Withdrawal Terms and Conditions with Online Kiwi Casinos

When it comes to withdrawals, the terms and conditions of the casino are everything you need to know when it comes to understanding how it all works and what some of the rules are. Casinos have limits to what can be cashed out in amount. It would be impossible for an online casino to flat-out pay a 1.6-million-dollar jackpot in one payment. Each casino online has a limit to what they can pay, either daily, weekly, or monthly. Some casinos, for example, can only allow $5,000 as a withdrawal each week. Now, if you were to win $10,000, that’s a two-week waiting period. While the instalments are each paid in a quick turnaround, overall, the withdrawal windows cannot be changed.