Favorite TV Characters That We Never Saw


Some of the best-loved TV characters are not seen. But even though these characters have never been played been explicitly shown on the small screen, they have made quite an impact on the audience. Know who these legendary unseen characters are? Find them out here.

1. Ugly Naked Guy (Friends)

The sitcom’s longest running joke is probably the “Ugly Naked Guy,” whose some of the favorite things to do are doing household chores in the nude and with the curtain wide open. He also loves playing the ‘cello, placing kitchen tiles, using the Thighmaster, playing with a hula-hoop, and hanging upside-down with his gravity boots!

2. Charlie Townsend (Charlie’s Angels)

He is the Angels’ mysterious and enigmatic boss, so all we get from him is his voice whenever he is directing his girls to their crime-fighting ops. Charlie Townsend was voiced by the late actor John Forsythe, who reprised his role in the later Charlie’s Angels films.

3. Maris Crane (Frasier)

“She distrusts anything that loves her unconditionally,” this is what Niles said of his first wife. “Maris is like the sun, except without the warmth.” That’s how cold she is. The series’ producer even admitted that he didn’t know if they could find someone who’d match Maris’ character based on what had been written about her in the script – she was extremely small, among other descriptions, that people mistook her for a clothes rack.

4. Lars Lindstrom (The Mary Tyler Moore Show)

“Sooner or later, Lars is going to get tired of her. And he’ll come back to me. And then I’m going to punish him for this.”

The husband of Mary Richards’ landlady Phyllis Lindstrom, Lars is described as a dermatologist. In one of the sitcom’s episodes, Phyllis learns that Lars is cheating on her with a woman named Sue Ann Nivens, the character played by actress Betty White who actually made her debut in the series.

5. Juanita Beasley and Sarah (The Andy Griffith Show)

Barney Fife, the inept deputy and Andy’s cousin, was torn between two loves. Whenever his girlfriend Thelma Lou was not around, he’d pick up the phone and ask the operator Sara to connect him to “Juanita from the diner.” And then he’d forget all about Thelma the moment he heard her voice on the phone.

6. Diane (Twin Peaks)

FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper would hit the record button of his Dictaphone and tape his memos which were meant for Diane who, viewers widely assumed, was his ever-reliable assistant and secretary. Like the other characters on this list, Diane is never seen.

7. Bob Sacamano (Seinfeld)

The never-depicted character of Bob Sacamano was inspired by a real-life friend of Seinfeld writer Larry Charles. Bob Sacamano was often the subject of bad luck stories including his apparent case of rabies and his botched hernia operation.

8. Vera Peterson (Cheers)

Vera Peterson is the unseen wife of one of Cheers regulars Norm Peterson, played by actor George Wendt. Vera works at a seafood restaurant that is a floor above Cheers bar, and viewers may have taken a glimpse of her from the waist-down. On this particular part, she was played by actress Bernadette Birkett, Wendt’s real-life spouse.

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