Features of Сhoosing a VPN for Chrome in India

Over the past five years, the IT sphere has been actively developing in India. According to statistics, over 80% of local online clients surf cyberspace by applying Google Chrome. Therefore, among users who value the anonymity and security of Internet exploring, VPN services for this browser are in demand.

Today the market is full of various virtual private networks for Chrome. That’s why even fairly experienced users sometimes find it difficult to choose the appropriate variant. IT experts advise ordering India VPN Chrome services on trusted platforms (for example, soax.com). Applying unverified branded gateways is fraught with identity theft, traffic tracking, etc.

Why Should Indians Use Google Browser with VPN Enabled?

As part of the fight against terrorism and moral violations, the Indian government regularly blocks various public online portals. More than 850 websites were blacklisted within this government program. As of today, residents of India have restricted access to:

  • numerous popular file hosting and torrents;
  • WeChat, TikTok, and over 50 other similar social networks;
  • Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! (these services were forced to filter searching results).

Nay, it’s worth noting that Indian authorities can block popular platforms even without warning. For example, in March 2011, access to Facebook was temporarily banned in this way. Additionally to the complaints of ordinary online users, the blocking caused significant problems for local IT specialists as well as e-business owners.

Furthermore, according to Reuters, since 2018, Indian authorities have sought to develop methods to block popular social networks together with instant messengers in the country. The list involves, e. g., Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, as well as Telegram. The government plans to block such online resources in case of their “misuse”.

What Kind of VPN to Сhoose for Chrome in India?

Quite often, ordinary people choose free gateways in pursuit of funds savings. But such virtual private networks have many disadvantages, for example:

  • contain additional applications and loads of intrusive advertisement;
  • offer low-speed as well as regularly interrupted traffic;
  • offer an inadequate level of connection security (therefore, chargeless VPN isn’t suitable, e. g., for safe public Wi-Fi use).

It’s also worth considering that free gateways can suddenly stop working. Moreover, after some time of chargeless serving, many companies make the offered VPN payable while setting a very high cost of tariff plans.

Advantages of Paid Virtual Private Networks for Google Browsers

Paid VPNs imply round-the-clock support. Employees of such services excel in their politeness as well as a highly professional attitude. Therefore, the support employees of chargeable VPN companies usually help to solve any technical difficulties in a short time. Such features are extremely significant, e. g., for e-business owners. Among the other benefits of the paid virtual private networks, IT experts note:

  • smooth as well as fast traffic – the video doesn’t freeze, and large files download without problems applying such gateways;
  • presence of a wide selection of servers in various countries or locations – moreover, paid VPNs offer separate video, games, and P2P servers;
  • guaranteed connection protection as well as secure traffic encryption – it requires a lot of powerful servers, which free VPN companies usually don’t have.

Also, chargeable gateways ensure the complete security of personal information. When applying such virtual private networks, bank card details, passport data, etc., are safe.

Peculiarities of Choosing a Qualitative Paid VPN in India


Trustworthy companies mostly offer their customers a few rate plans. Thus, consumers with different financial positions may order a suitable services package. The other features of the reputable enterprises are:

  1. Availability of awards from authoritative research or rating organizations (for example, Proxyway).
  2. Presence of a trial period for using their VPN. That makes it possible to order services consciously.
  3. Availability of positive comments on reputable platforms (e. g., Trustpilot).

Additionally, the trustworthy VPN companies provide their customers with worldwide coverage. It’s an essential option for users who travel a lot. Indian consumers may find more information about qualitative VPNs for Chrome, for example, on the SOAX LTD official website.