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You are concerned about your health and well-being. You eat well, exercise consistently, get enough sleep each night, do your best to handle stress, and still find time and energy to devote to the most important things, such as relationships or artistic endeavors. You’re always looking for new, cutting-edge ways to boost your vitality, making you an excellent candidate for an NAD+ IV.

One of the most intriguing recent advances in IV therapy is this technique. It can provide you with a variety of mental and physical benefits. Find out more about the transforming power of NAD+ infusions and how Livv Natural can help you.

What Is NAD+?

NAD, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a coenzyme generated from vitamin B3. The body creates NAD by synthesizing certain components known as NAD precursors. The “+” symbol indicates that the NAD is oxidized.

What Functions Does NAD+ Have in the Body?

It’s more of a question of what NAD+ doesn’t do. This is because NAD+ is involved in over 500 enzymatic reactions and the majority of the body’s major biological functions. It is necessary for the body to be strong and to function properly. NAD+ is involved in the following:

  • Managing the Body’s Stress Response
  • Using energy from carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids to provide cellular energy
  • Maintaining cellular DNA and mending cells.
  • Keeping our circadian rhythms (sleep/wake cycles) in balance Repairing bones, tissues, and nerves via increasing stem cell development
  • Regulating the genetic expression that controls the aging process
  • Combating free radical damage, which can harm the body and accelerate aging
  • Assisting the body’s metabolism

When we’re young, we have an abundance of NAD+, and our bodies manufacture a regular stream of it. That output, however, decreases with age. Our bodies eventually require more NAD+ than may be obtained naturally. NAD+ levels can also fall due to severe stress, poor food, substance addiction, and other lifestyle factors. If you feel emotionally or physically exhausted, you may benefit from NAD+ therapy.

What’s Involved in NAD+ IV Therapy?

Oral supplements were once the only way to receive more NAD+. However, that type of supplement had to transit through the digestive system before activating it. An NAD+ IV drip, on the other hand, begins working immediately because it is infused directly into the bloodstream for quick absorption. (NAD+ injections produce a comparable fast impact.)

An NAD+ infusion is a simple procedure that can be finished in 30 to 45 minutes.

A medical professional inserts a needle gently into your arm and attaches it to the tubing that goes to the drip bag. This IV contains hydration fluids containing NAD+. You can also add additional vitamins or minerals if desired. During the treatment, you can sit comfortably and listen to music, read a book, or watch a film on your device. You will be monitored by a medical professional throughout the procedure, and you will be able to resume your normal activities once it is over. Some people experience an immediate increase in energy levels, as well as a refreshing mental clarity that feels invigorating. Many people utilize NAD+ therapy regularly to maintain their health.

Why Should You Try NAD+ Therapy?

Aside from general health maintenance, this treatment can be used to address the following issues:


Do you have brain fog, forgetfulness, or notice that your skin appears saggy? These prevalent disorders are caused by aging and growing older cells. NAD+ is supposed to improve cellular health, reducing the indications of aging. One of the fascinating research areas is the role NAD+ may play in the treatment of age-related problems such as dementia.

Mental health

The chemicals in the brain, known as neurotransmitters, play an important role in mood regulation. NAD+ may promote healthy brain chemistry, which may alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. High-quality sleep is another important aspect of mental wellness. NAD+ can help you get a decent night’s sleep while also improving your energy, which can improve your mood.


The use of NAD+ therapy as one component of a comprehensive treatment plan has lately been recognized as a benefit by addiction rehabilitation clinics. The brain’s neurotransmitters are damaged by heavy, chronic substance misuse, but NAD+ may repair that damage, assisting in both mental and physical healing. NAD+ may also have a role in detoxification, an important step in addiction rehabilitation. Because NAD+ may improve mood, it may be appropriate for persons with a dual diagnosis of addiction and mental health issues.

What are the advantages of NAD+ IV?

It is worthwhile to investigate NAD+ IV therapy because it can provide numerous benefits, including:

  • Mental focus and clarity have improved.
  • Repaired cells and DNA may be able to slow the indications of aging.
  • Enhanced energy
  • improved athletic performance
  • A more efficient metabolism
  • Decrease in symptoms linked with mood disorders, or a rise in overall happiness
  • Weight loss and muscle mass may benefit from this supplement.
  • Reduced inflammation in the body can be a factor in a variety of health issues.

NAD+ IV therapy is regarded as safe, with few and far between side effects. Improved complexion appearance, such as reducing fine wrinkles or greater skin elasticity NAD+ IV therapy is considered safe, with few and far between adverse effects. Livv Natural is a trusted, dependable source of NAD+ IV services, and we make certain that the therapy matches your health objectives.

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