Fibreglass Pools Vs Concrete Pools

If you are looking to have a pool in your backyard but your budget is a little tight, fibreglass pools are affordable to concrete pools. But as we know, when you go for something cheaper, you will have to sacrifice something. And depending on your home’s current value, the upgrade renovation or any improvements that you make need to much up -your pool will need to meet your home’s asset value. In this regard, read a little bit more on fibreglass pools vs concrete pools.

The difference between the two pool options

The style of the pool shape and size

When thinking of having a pool in your backyard, you have already imagined the shape and size you would want it. Therefore, if you go for the fibreglass option, you might be limited in the amount of creativity you can have in your pool. These pools come in 4-5 meters wide and can run from 6-12 meters long; depth is about 1.2-1.8 meter. You have these restrictions because the mould is pre-designed in the workshop due to transportation size and shape is limited. There are restrictions on the structural size and shape, but you can customize these pools with incredible features that will make your backyard a show stopper.

On the other hand, a concrete pool has not limitation in the size, shape or style of your pool. The world is your oyster. Thus you can have that crazy violin design or in the shape of a flower.

The installation process

Now, this is where you will have preferred your fibber pool option; once the ground has been excavated, the fibreglass pool mould is delivered and installed, all your landscaping and finishing plus pipping of the pool should be done in a matter of 3-5weeks. But for the concrete pool, it might take at least three months to construct; this is with all the approvals and excavations structures of the pool.

The overall finish of the pool

Fibreglass pools offer a smooth slick finish due to the extra gel coating applied; as for concrete pools, this might have a rougher finish, but if you don’t like this, you can elevate the look with beautiful tiles. The Gelcoat on fibre pools tend to fade over time about 10-15 years, but after serving you so well for these years, you can easily rejuvenate the look of your pool, and if you decide to have some steps in your pool, these will come with an anti-slip finish.

Concrete pools are more durable, once it has been adequately plastered, you can have some tiles, pebblecrete or explore the idea of jewels in the design.

Key points to keep in mind

Fiberpools have been made to be an affordable option. If you are looking to own one, you can save 20% when installing the pool over the concrete option. Very fast to install as it only takes 1-3 weeks and a maximum of 5 weeks depending on the features you would require. And these are durable to last you for years to come.

Concrete pools offer you the flexibility of having it as big as you would want in whichever shape you dream of. This also goes to the finish of the pool, you can explore the various ideas available and showcase your personality in your pool, but to enjoy all this, you need to be patient as it could take months to construct.