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Fire Protection Technology – The Must Haves

Fire Protection Technology – The Must Haves

If you own a business or premises that you rent out, you’ll want it to be as safe as possible at all times.

When thinking of safety, we usually think of installing security alarms to prevent burglaries, however, don’t let fire protection slip your mind. This comes in the shape of fire protection technology, which you’ll need to ensure your building or business complies with the laws surrounding fire safety in the workplace.

Whether you’re just renting the building or if you’re the one building it, this protection is something that’s needed from start to finish, and then some. Below is our list of essential fire protection technology that you’ll need.

The Building

If you’re the one that’s making the building, there’s a lot you’ll need to cover to ensure the building is as fire safe as possible. Although fires can still break out, you’ll need to ensure you have the right structural protection, such as the right materials like concrete or brick and even specific drywall to help stem the spread of fire. This also includes items like fire doors and windows that have been treated to withstand the initial heat of a fire.

You should also ensure that your staff are trained on how to use these devices, ensuring they know what to do to try and prevent a fire before it’s too late.


If you’re running a business, the premises will need extinguishers. These are the most effective device when fighting a fire, and you should have several throughout the building – depending on the size of the building. You’ll also need to ensure you have the right type of extinguisher to help fight the types of fires you could encounter.


Another must, these will need to be spread throughout the building, depending on size, to ensure people can get to them in an event of a fire. These systems come in different shapes and sizes, and the type of building you have will determine the system. You’ll also need to get these tested regularly to ensure they work.


As above, these will be fitted depending on building size. These can be installed when the building is being built too. Also, the size of the building will determine where these need to be placed. Again these will need to be checked regularly.

Signs and Lights

Finally, these will need placing in specific areas to help those working on your premises exit in the case of a fire. Make sure you check the laws surrounding signs and lights, as there are specific areas where these must be within the building.




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