Five Best Brands Doing Instagram Marketing in Right Way


We live in the age of digital era where brands are emerging and making the utmost of the platforms. New platform launches every day that helps the businesses in engaging with the customers.

The question is how do brands keep up with the continuous moving target? The answer is by implementing the right tactics and prioritizing the usage of the channel, GetInsta.

As per the statistics of the Pew Research Centre, almost 30% of adult users scroll through Instagram which is around 400 million populations.  Try here to have a 1000 free Instagram followers trial.  Isn’t that crazy?

While there are other platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, marketers are utilizing the power of Instagram. Millions of brands know how important it is to buy likes on Instagram. However, it’s not always easy to do Instagram right.

In this blog, we have mentioned down the top five brands that are doing Instagram Marketing in the right way. For those who are struggling to build an audience must check out.

1. National Geographic

National Geographic is no more a paper magazine. It has become a brand that is using the Instagram platform to post several photos and videos for the audience.

With over 70 million followers, each caption of the post mention down the name of the photographer. It makes it easy for the followers to see more about the photographer.

 The bio links to the National Geographic photography page. If you want to experience some wildlife photography then head over to National Geographic on Instagram.


For those who love space should definitely check out NASA’s Instagram account. You will find a bunch of superior quality photos and videos within the grid.

Alongside, NASA also writes down long captions which are informative, interesting, and educational.

NASA engages with the followers by letting them know about the astronauts, scientists, and International Space Station.

3. Staples

The trip to the stationery stores might seem boring. But, Staples is taking the visual experience of stationery on another level. The Instagram account is full of bursting colours and displays creativity at its peak.

One of the strategies that the Staples implement to engage with the customers is by asking questions. Many times, the captions or the stories of the photos will say “Who’s ready to get organized in 2019?”

Sometimes, the brand also posts the pictures on holiday-based themes. The #MakeMoreHappen hashtag is motivating people to take photos of their stationery.

4. Air BnB

There are plenty of stories on the internet about Air BnB. Whether people trash at the place or the host giving tough time to the guests.

Amidst all of it, the splendid pictures on their Instagram account will make you pack your bags and book right away.

Air BnB mentions by tagging the photographer’s name and the amazing locations all around the world.

5. Punch Drink

Last but not the least, if you are a fan of Punch then scroll through the account that features stylish pictures.

The best part about the brand is that it mentions down the recipe in the caption of the photograph. Additionally, the link in bio redirects to the page where you can find numerous recipes.

 Final Thoughts

Instagram community is expanding day by day. It is a channel that helps in building brands thereby increasing the number of followers. Every day 80 million photos are uploaded. To stand out from the crowd is a tricky task. Hopefully, the above article will give you ideas about how to drive your business for engagement and conversions.

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