Five Details to Note as You Explore Things to Do In Fulshear for the Holidays


It’s not uncommon to find settlements around Texas steeped in rich culture and history. Fulshear is one such town, and you’ll be stunned by its beauty and lovely ambiance immediately you set foot in the town.

The sprawling town draws you in with its rural allure. A visit might leave you considering an appointment with a great real estate agency in Fulshear and settling down in the area.

Fulshear is a small Texas town that came into existence around 1824 by Churchill Fulshear. He had received a parcel of land from the Texas authorities back when the province was under Mexico.

The town developed over the next two centuries, surviving off a cotton gin house and a post office in its earlier days. In 1977, Fulshear became incorporated as a Texas town. Today, there are over 12,000 residents living in the 11 square-mile city.

A brief history exposition barely conveys the beautiful landmarks and attractions you’d get to see in the Texas town. Fulshear has lots of fun spots to see, which makes it an excellent destination for a family holiday getaway.

If you’ve recently entered this scenic town, there are a few things to consider. How do you explore things to do in Fulshear? What essential details about the area do you need to know beforehand?

Handling these variables lets you have a hitch-free stay in Fulshear, and we’ve got five tips to get you started. Think of them as a heads-up that lets you have the best time with the family when you move to the town.

Start at the Park

Small towns in the states often have a central park to bring tourists and residents together. Fulshear has one called the Mary Jo Peckham Park.

The park would be a significant highlight as you explore things to do in Fulshear, so it’s best to start by visiting it. You’d find Mary Jo Park, a relatively large expanse of land located north of the town. It’s one of the top attractions in Fulshear, so you can hardly miss it on the map.

Also, you’d discover many activities to do in the 32-acre park, from gathering the family around a picnic table to feeding ducks by the lake at the park’s center. What’s more, you can bring your fishing gear and reel in some freshwater fish.

If all that sounds fun to you, you’d be glad to hear there’s more entertainment you can have with the indoor mini-golf course and pool. Overall, the Mary Jo Park showcases some of the best indoor and outdoor activities in Fulshear.

Try Fulshear’s Seafood Restaurants

While spending the whole day at Mary Jo Park, you can work up an appetite. It’s an excellent idea to try out seafood cuisines at Fulshear’s Pier 16 Seafood and Oyster Bar.

As a family-run restaurant, the Pier 16 Seafood and Oyster Bar’s rich menu includes fried catfish, gumbo with rice, and many other seafood delectables. They also offer cocktails during happy hours on weekdays.

Pier 16 Seafood and Oyster Bar have their menus online with daily, weekly, and monthly specials you can have when you’re trying to explore things to do in Fulshear. The bar has been successful, with many commendations from online review sites.

Visit the Shooting Range

Does a town with a recreational shooting range sound cool to you? Fulshear has one, and you can visit it if you’d love to practice some shooting.

The place is the Brazos River Sportsman’s Club, and you can find it at the edge of Fulshear, along the Brazos River. The facility has about ten pistol and rifle ranges where visitors can try their shooting techniques.

Also, the range has sporting clays, and variable-distance rifle ranges if you prefer a more tactical practice. Overall, the spot is an excellent option for visitors as they explore things to do in Fulshear for the first time.

You can Take a Hike

A visit to Fulshear is barely complete without taking a hike across its main trail, allowing you to soak in the rustic feels far away from the suburban areas in Houston Texas.

You could take a walk on the Flewellen Creek Trail at any point in your trip, starting at Cross Creek Boulevard and reaching down to the Creek Park. The scenery is lovely, with lots of greenery and a landscape.

However, it’d be best to tread with caution around the trail, as there’s wildlife living in the park. Thankfully, you’d find signs at strategic points warning you about the presence of snakes and alligators.

If you’ve got a pet dog, you’d be glad that the park welcomes them on a hike. However, you’d need to leash it for safety reasons.

Round Things Out With Some Go-Karting and Games

After spending days exploring the sight, sounds, and people of Fulshear, you may want to check out the Andretti Karting and Games center. It’s a fun place if you’re looking for a real kart racing experience.

You get three track levels at the center: beginner, juniors, and intermediate adults. Also, it has a short heat race that lasts about 5 minutes – perfect for visitors who enjoy Mario Kart-themed racing.

Then you’ve got the games, which are more extensive than regular arcades. At Andretti Karting and Games, you could play interesting VR games, mini-golf, and laser tag.

The center charges a fee for each gaming experience separately. Thankfully, you could get a “family” package that lets you enjoy multiple games for a single price.

Bottom Line

Fulshear is an excellent option on the list of holiday destinations in Texas. Between the serene rural atmosphere and the many activities lined up for visitors, you’ll enjoy your stay in the town.

However, all those fun activities mean you could quickly get spoiled for choice. With so much to do and see, where do you start the exploration? Our tips above should help you highlight the key areas you could visit before the trip is over.

The list is by no means exhaustive, as some of the other popular places to visit in Fulshear include the X-Treme RC event, Arbor Park, and Adventure Island Water park.


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