Five Fun Birthday Gift Ideas

Shopping for anyone brings its unique challenges. Giving a loved one a unique present is one of the most rewarding experiences in life, but it can also be difficult to manage a year in and year out. Shopping for someone you’re less well-acquainted with can mean navigating complex social expectations. But being thoughtful doesn’t have to mean going it alone. No matter who you’re shopping for, we have some birthday gift idea suggestions that can kickstart the shopping process for you.

Paint Your Numbers

First, you can give a special someone in your life the gift of something creative and thoughtful.  Instead of painting something yourself, you can upload your favorite photo and turn it into something that looks like a painting. Paint Your Numbers is a perfect company that enables users without any real talent to upload their favorite photo and turn it into a real masterpiece.

Journal or Diary

Another great gift idea to consider is giving the gift of a journal or diary. There is nothing more therapeutic than writing down your thought and musings and reading them out on paper. You can also use a journal as a form of venting or catharsis in order to cope with daily troubles. If you know of someone that likes to jot out their thoughts, getting a journal is the best way to go.


If you know of someone that enjoys jewelry, another great gift idea to consider is getting your friend or loved one a piece of jewelry that incorporates their birthstone.  Considering this thoughtful gift is considerate, the piece of jewelry could potentially make your loved one stand out with a unique piece.


Considering different people prefer different things, it is best to approach the person you are shopping for, and depending on your budget, you could find something that is exceptionally cool. One huge gift to consider is the gift of a cruise vacation. Considering prices for cruises are at an all-time low due to the coronavirus pandemic, going on a cruise has never been more affordable. Be sure to shop around and make sure if you are touching down at a foreign country, you know their pandemic policy. If you have to wear a mask, be sure to include a couple in your luggage. Science says that masks not only save lives but help prevent the spread of the virus and having one on hand could be used to navigate through the ship.

A Gift Card

Another great gift idea to consider is getting your loved one a gift card to their favorite restaurant or store. While gift cards can seem somewhat impersonal, they are quite thoughtful. Instead of getting something that the person you are shopping for would never use, you have to make the effort to find out their favorite place to shop or eat. Imagine the feeling of relief and surprise they feel when they open up the gift card? They will get to get one of their favorite things and you will know about understanding that your gift went to good use.

Before shopping for any birthday gift, you ultimately have to understand the person you are shopping for. Understanding your friend’s likes or dislikes not only will help you understand them but provide you with the empathy to know just exactly what they need. When shopping for a birthday gift, you have to determine just exactly what you are going to get. You can either get something that a person needs or you could completely throw them off guard and make their day by getting them something they enjoy. Whatever the case may be, be sure that you are creative and thoughtful so you can blow them away with a good gift.