Five players who stand the highest bidding chance in IPL 2021


IPL 2021 will see the auction on February 18th and it will be the 14th season where team owners will grace this much awaited occasion in Chennai. The auction will see the likes of experienced as well as uncapped players who are both going to generate the bidding race. Whopping 55 players have been released through the list which was provided on January 20th by eight franchises. However, let’s now take a look at the list of players who stand a high chance of being sold at an exorbitant price in the upcoming auction.

Sandeep Lamichhane

‘IPL’ and ‘surprises’ seem to go hand in hand. After all, why would Delhi franchise let go a leg spinner from Nepal considering his impeccable performance in the 2018 season for the same team?

Well, it seems that there is no concrete explanation, as he has been opted out of the 14th edition. However, the best thing is that Sandeep has a proven track record even in Australia’s Big Bash League which has made him quite a hot pick. The franchises will surely be resting their eyes on him as they know how promising this player could turn out. So, no one will be leaving any chance. There are certain things which seem to be inevitable, like IPL betting.

Mohammed Azharuddeen

Young players have rawness in their approach and those who have recently proven their worth on the cricket field is obviously considered as a great potential for the IPL season. Quite like Mohammed Azharuddeen who hit an awesome century in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2021.

Belonging to the beautiful state of Kerala, he is considered to be the first player from his state to hit a century against Mumbai. As a top performer, he hit 137 in just 54 balls and has proved his fearless and driving force which leads him towards quite a promising future in IPL 2021. Right through the performance where his bat was taking the ball to heights,  the bowlers have a sorry state of affairs as they were demoralized owing to how easy it has become for the batsman to hit sixes and fours even though the balls were in line and certainly from some of the renowned players.

But, it happens in cricket, as history is made and so Mohammed Azharuddeen who is set to become the next Azhar has been able to create a pleasant situation not just for himself, but equally for his mentor, parents and for everyone who has been a part of his journey right from the beginning.

Avi Barot

Avi Barot was in the limelight in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy for having the second highest strike rate in the tournament which stands at 185.  His 122 run knock against Goa in mere 53 balls has earned him a respect in the hearts of everyone.

As his performance would be considered in the upcoming 1PL season. Based on how well he has performed by hitting hard at regular intervals, he will surely be justifying his presence where franchises will be eyeing to buy him. The man who is fresh and raw will have an increasingly high chance of being picked and most importantly, there hasn’t been much time when he has proved his mettle. One can download Parimatch and predict winner where you also know about IPL odds and associated news too.

Jason Roy

As per the saying, “Beginning is always the hardest”. Likewise, Jason Roy, as an opening batsman, has a proven track record while being in the top order. Yes, he has justification for the same as well, thanks to the strike rate of 142.98, in the shortest version of the game where he scored 5938 runs.

His cricketing stint in the international arena has proved how effectively he can start the match with a bang. His awesome level of proven record right in the first few overs can potentially demoralize any bowler which works to his advantage for sure. Hence, franchises in the IPL season would surely be eyeing for him as everyone needs a consolidated opening. Isn’t it?

Glenn Maxwell

Kings XI Punjab has released him which stands a chance to be auctioned in IPL 2021. He has an awesome performance against India in November, 2020 and this factor can certainly fetch him a great amount in the auctions. Therefore, it is not hard for franchises not to consider the bright prospect of the player who certainly waits with a handsome amount. Let’s sign off by wishing each of the players ‘Best of luck’.

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