Five Reasons Why Diet Is As Important as Exercise According to Perry Adam Lieber


Planning a healthier lifestyle has many important steps—people who want to be healthy need to plan their diets and fitness regimens carefully. Many people believe that working out regularly is the key to a healthy body and mind. Still, Perry Adam Lieber, a fitness expert from Santa Barbara, CA, believes that planning a proper diet is as important as fitness.

Lieber provides five reasons why diet and fitness should be considered equal partners in promoting health and wellness and weight loss.  Meanwhile, if you want a guaranteed effective recovery and sleep supplement, snac zma is the best option that we can recommend.

1. Calorie Deficits and Weight Loss

No matter how much you exercise, it is important to keep an eye on your overall calorie count for the day. If you burn more calories than you eat, you will generally lose weight, absent any health conditions or medications that may make it difficult for your body to adjust.

For example, if you want to lose about 1 pound per week, an amount generally accepted as safe and sustainable weight loss, you may need to reduce your daily net calorie intake by 500. It is possible to reduce your calories alone by 500 or to burn some of those calories with exercise so that you do not have to restrict your calorie intake as much.

A general rule is that optimal weight loss is 80 percent due to diet and 20 percent due to exercise. For example, you could cut 500 calories by eating 400 calories less and getting 100 calories worth of exercise. One hundred calories of exercise work out to approximately 25 minutes of moderate exercise.

2. Nutrition and Athletic Performance

Nutrition can be a key contributor to enhanced athletic performance. Your body needs carbohydrates for energy, protein for muscle growth and repairing body tissues, and water to keep the body hydrated and regulate temperature. Diets that overly restrict carbohydrates may lead to lowered athletic performance since the body will not draw on readily available energy sources.

3. Preventing Chronic Disease

Diet and exercise can work together to help prevent chronic conditions like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease. People who exercise regularly have a greatly reduced risk of early death and can better respond to cardiac stress.

4. The Importance of Weight-Bearing Exercise

Weight-bearing exercise should be an essential part of your weekly workout regimen. Weight-bearing exercise is a must for joint and bone health. It improves balance, muscle strength, flexibility, endurance, cardiac fitness, and endurance, as well as helping with weight control and helping people feel better overall. Plan to do weight-bearing exercises like weight machines at the gym, bodyweight exercises like Pilates, or simply lifting hand weights two to three times per week.

5. Moderate Exercise Helps with Hunger Hormones

Moderate exercise decreases levels of the appetite hormone ghrelin in the body. It also increases levels of leptin, which suppresses hunger. This effect makes it easier for some people to lose weight with exercise, though other factors also play. Obese people may not depend on this effect, and it may also be affected by the ambient temperature during exercise.

However, intense exercise can cause people to be hungrier, leading to greater calorie intake. For weight loss, people are encouraged to keep their workouts at a moderate pace.

Dietary Changes That You Should Make

To promote full-body health, it is important that you avoid consuming empty calories like added sugars, excess fats, and too many refined carbohydrates. It is best to avoid fast food completely. Sugary drinks are another culprit when it comes to an unhealthy body.

Eat a full and varied diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, fiber, healthy carbohydrates, and lean meats or vegetable proteins. If you miss out on one or more of these dietary staples, your physical fitness will suffer.

The Consequences of Poor Diet

People who want to stay well in body and mind need to make sure they eat a proper diet. The consequences of not eating a healthy diet are many. People who do not eat well have a higher chance of anemia, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, declining mental health, and a higher risk of infection.

Understanding the Connection Between Diet and Exercise

When planning a healthy diet and exercise regimen, everyone should be aware of these five factors and the basic principles of nutrition. In order to reach a healthy weight and promote wellness, diet and exercise need to be approached in a balanced fashion.

Perry Adam Lieber understands that it may be difficult to make lifestyle changes but wants to emphasize the rewards that come along with taking care of your body. You will feel better mentally and physically, and you will have an easier time coping with life’s challenges.

Balancing your diet and exercise properly involves taking a measured and moderate approach. Perry Adam Lieber encourages everyone to look into the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise.

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