Five Tips for Starting Your Painting Art Journal


Being creative and artistic is the best way to prevent anxiety and all the tensions. Some people love to crafts in their spare time while some absolutely do it as their priority. Sometimes it is just not brushed, only a few colors and tricks can aid in proceeding this work.

Truthfully speaking making art journal is not that difficult because it does not involve any hard and fast rules. Hence, creating own art journal with paints is an easy task to do for people who adore precious art.

Give it your touch

The best part of being able to paint the art journal is it does not have any rules. The journal would occupy your touch and that would be your own signature only.

Hence, trying your own style and creativity would present a unique art on the papers of art journals. So, try to happily express your own designs and colors that come into your mind and wait for the magic. Despite having confusion, do give it a try to endorse your touch to every corner of the journal.

Be creative

For making new and unique art piece one need to think out of the box. So being creative is the only way, while it will also innovate and discover your own art that you possess as a God’s gift. Then again experimenting with every color and shade also aids in creating dynamic artwork that can only be yours.

Work with freedom

Independence with what makes the artist is the best version of himself, for this reason, freedom is another key. Working with freedom enables a person to renovate the style and play safe with plagiarism especially.

The working limitations limits an artist to too much extend that makes a person lethargic to innovate own creativity. Hence work, and try your own freedom to paint your own art journal.

Pre Plan

Before any other step, one needs to consider the planning first. Just think initially what your own style is, then decide whether you are going to use oil paints of the acyclic paints. Water paints are also very handy but still pre-planning aids in doing work further on.

You can also decide with each page and the design you want with the art journal, one can also customize each art journal as a theme.

Play with colors

Playing with colors is what makes an artist happy and independent, so trying each and every shade. Shades of red work really well with the art creating an exotic display to the art journal. Then decide catchy colors for the Main page and unique design for the title.

Shades of blue, green and all the rainbow colors also aids a lot for this reason playing with colors is essentially important.


The art journal assists a lot to connect with spirituality and your own inner, for making it play with independent own style. Mynewart gallery would also aid you with new creative ideas and artwork hence proving to be the best suggestion for you.