Five Tips To Help You Stop Creditor Harassment


Being in a financially unstable position where you are unable to clear your debts can be frustrating and stressful. In case you have creditors calling you from time to time, then the situation becomes even more frustrating. Some of these agents become so annoying that they call you at any time or call your relatives to demand their money. However, if you are the one with the debt, it is possible to keep off these harassing creditors and clear your debts with ease. After you regain control of the situation, you will not worry about any interruptions that the creditors make. Below are five tips that bankruptcy attorneys will give to help you evade the harassment that you get from creditors due to unpaid debts.

Know Your Rights

As mentioned above, if when you are the one with a debt that you have not yet cleared, you have your right. When the creditors become annoying and intimidating, one of the defenses that you have is your rights as the debtor. For instance, the creditor is not supposed to call your friends or relatives to clear your loan unless they are guaranteed. On the other hand, the time comes when the creditor is supposed to call and not go beyond those hours. It is also against the law for them to use threatening issues when claiming their money. When you know your rights, then the creditor will not take advantage of you and pressure you a lot when you should be thinking about your draining financial system.

Know Your Debts

In some cases, some of the harassing calls that you may be getting from these creditors are not of bills that you own. In the event of a common name, you may get harassing calls instead of someone who you share names. On the other hand, a creditor may call you about a loan that you have already cleared. Either way, ensure that you are well conversant with the loan that the creditor is calling you about. In case the credit they call you about does not belong to you or is a loan that you have already cleared, ensure that you report it so that it can be removed. Otherwise, if it is not sorted, you will keep getting the harassing calls from time to time. However, if the loan they are talking about belongs to you, you need to figure out how to clear it.

Get Professional Credit Counselling

Ideally, debts may seem like a personal issue that you need to deal with on your own. However, when the situation gets overwhelming, you should discuss your financial problem with a professional. A bankruptcy lawyer is one of the most recommendable people to talk to when you have such an issue. They will look at your financial situation and advise you according to your current predicament. For instance, a good bankruptcy lawyer will advise you whether you need to file for bankruptcy. In other cases, they will handle these calls that you get from the harassing agents.

Negotiate With The Agents

Receiving calls from creditors almost every day is frustrating. For this reason, whenever you have the chance, you must negotiate with the creditors and give them a date when you promise to pay. That will provide them with some time to call you and plan how you will clear the debt. However, ensure that you give them a date that you are assured that you will have the cash to make the debt. Otherwise, they will become even more nagging after you fail to keep the promise and become even harder for you to negotiate later on.

Get It In Writing

Ideally, credit collector agencies are supposed to demand their debt from you through letters within five days of a call. Thus, if they are doing it through calls and without notes, they are doing the wrong thing. Therefore, request the collection agencies to only communicate with you through writing. However, when giving information about the address, the letter should be delivered, avoid giving excess information about yourself as the creditors could use this information against you.

A call from the creditor is one of the most annoying and stressful calls that you can receive. That is if you accept the request for the first time when you are still going through financial problems. Use the information above to help you make it through the annoying calls even before you have cleared your debt.

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