Flooring Ideas-A Change is as Good as a Holiday

Our home is the sanctuary in which we take refuge to get away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Granted, we can sometimes get bored and feel the need to change things up a bit, especially when you’ve been in the same house for quite a while. Thankfully, that’s where remodeling or renovating certain aspects of your home comes in to help you make something entirely new of your abode, without having to change your entire space. One of the aspects that will have the biggest impact in terms of change, is giving the floors a makeover.

The first thing you need to do is understand what type of flooring is a good fit for you and goes with the mood and vibe of your atmosphere, too. Experts over at IntegraDirect explain the difference between different flooring types available, enabling you to come up with a better decision that suits your needs. That way, you won’t be choosing just based on visual appearance, but also what works best in terms of everyday use, durability and the type of insulation you need, too.

Here are a few flooring ideas that will transform your home entirely and make you feel like you stepped into an entirely different household:

Wooden Floors

You’ll be thrilled to know that one of the key décor trends in 2020 is getting rid of your carpets and replacing them with wooden floors. Because natural, eco-friendly and sustainable products are coming in strong in 2020, they are a great option to add to your abode. Not only will they completely transform the appearance of your house, but they will also add a comfortable, cozy, natural and welcoming vibe to it due to the softness of the wooden texture and the different earthy tones that are offered. You’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of wooden planks in terms of color, texture, and type of wood. There are also several options that give the wooden effect, but are made out of other materials, giving you a more practical, cheaper solution without compromising on the style.


A strong, resilient type of flooring that is also made from natural, eco-friendly materials is Linoleum. While it has been around for over 150 years, it has started re-surfacing as a trend due to its practicality. It is available in sheets, tiles and even laminated planks that allow you to install it as a floating floor. It is durable, but you’ll find that some types need to be refinished every couple of years. It comes in multiple colors and styles and is quite easy to install as it has a snap-together flooring option.


Another type of natural-looking material that will look even cooler and add a youthful, cozy feeling to your place is having cork flooring. Cork is a natural material made from the bark of a specific type of tree, making it also quite sustainable. Cork flooring comes in one of two types: You can either get the tiles that are easily glued down or planks that snap together to install as a floating floor. The best thing about cork floors is that they offer warmth and softness beneath the feet that spread through the entire home. It’s really easy to install yourself, preventing you from having to worry about the entire installation process and produces almost zero waste.


Quite similar to the engineered wooden flooring, laminate is constructed with a thin layer of veneer on top of several layers of plywood or compressed fiber. This allows you to make the top layer look like wood, stone, tile or any other material as it is made of a photograph under a clear plastic coating. You can get laminate in either planks or tiles and it is available in floating floor systems that can be installed even over your old flooring. Because it has the ability to mimic any floor structure you like, it is a much cheaper option, giving out the same vibe you’re looking for with less maintenance needed, too

Ceramic Tiles

Another flooring idea that will completely change your home’s appearance is using ceramic tiles. They come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and patterns, allowing you to get super artsy and creative and do something entirely different.

Whichever flooring you opt for, you’ll feel the difference the second you set foot in your home. However, while change is always good, it is best to make sure that the direction you’re opting for, is one that fits with the environment of your home and the style that appeals to you, without needing too much maintenance or costing you an arm and a leg.