Florida Snowbirds Fly Back North And Have Their Vehicles Delivered

The definition of a snowbird is quite simple. In short, a snowbird is anyone who lives in a place that has a cold winter climate and relocate to somewhere else to a warmer climate during the winter months until the cold has passed.

The term is most commonly associated with the state of Florida, because the year-long near tropical temperatures attract thousands of residents from the upper United States and even Canada. Typically, these people are retired since not everyone has a location independent job. Once in Florida, they either rent or purchase a property and live there for months at a time. Usually for the sake of convenience and keeping costs low, they’ll end up driving their vehicles down from wherever they live so they can use them while in Florida. If they’re driving from Canada, let’s say Toronto, for example, the drive from Toronto the mid-panhandle section of Florida is about 23-24 hours total.

So while many people are alright with making the drive down and staying a night in a hotel halfway through the journey, not everyone is as excited to make the 24 hour drive back up to where they live. A quick five hour flight is much more desirable and comfortable, but how are they going to get their car back to where they live? That’s where vehicle delivery services come in.

Why More And More People Are Using A Car Delivery Service

While most people will just pay for their car to be driven back, some people choose to have their car delivered both ways so they can fly in comfort and be away from the snow in just a few hours time. It’s really a matter of convenience at the end of the day. The drive down to Florida is extremely long and for an inexperienced driver it can be pretty anxiety inducing are gone from state to state where the rules of the road change ever so slightly. The massive time commitment is also a problem for some people.

As I mentioned earlier, many of these people are retired so being stuck in an uncomfortable car seat for long periods of time can aggravate existing medical conditions like a bad back. The 24 hour drive from Canada is has made Canada driveaway service all the more appealing. Once you factor in the added costs of food while on the road and hotel accommodations, paying to have your car delivered while you also save time by flying is well worth the money. Typically, these services are extremely fast and will get your car to Florida or back just as quickly as you could have done yourself, usually with no more than an extra day’s time.

Beating the snow isn’t always easy for most snowbirds, it involves a lot of planning and doing everything just right to make sure that they are actually decreasing their stress load instead of doing the opposite. Trusting a professional driver to bring their car to their vacation home alleviates a huge burden on snowbirds, making the decision to go south for the winter all the more simple.