Fly high with a mystical beast when you play these dragon-themed Slots

As you log onto Paddy Power Games to grab your piece of the Slots action, why not dabble in something a little more mystical, and try your luck against these fire-breathing dictators! Find your special spark as you spin the following reels, fighting your way to big wins and juicy jackpots! Sound like something you’d enjoy? Well, keep reading, as we introduce you to some of the best dragon-guarded Slots around.

Dragon Spark

Speaking of sparks, take your chances with this action-packed slot. Offering out jackpots worth up to £10,000x your initial bet, it’s all to play for if you’re willing to take on the challenge! There are up to 16,807 ways to win with this game, as well as an opportunity to bag yourself a whole host of free spins.

Gameplay begins from as little as 0.20 coins per spin, making the slot extremely accessible, no matter your budget. Enter the dragon’s cave, if you dare, and gaze upon the five reels, which are lit up by the creature’s unhatched eggs. The eggs will come into play further down the line, with three or more going on to trigger the Dragon Spark bonus. To bag your general wins, you’ll want to shift your focus over to the rest of the symbols. You should expect to find the following icons across the reels:

  • A green emerald
  • An orange topaz
  • A pink crystal heart
  • The dazzling diamond
  • A dangerous dagger
  • A bottle of magic potion
  • The dragon ring
  • The dragon’s eye ring
  • The Queen (which acts as the jackpot symbol)

Go on an adventure with this slot, as you strive to experience all 3,215 ways to win!

Jade Dragon

Dragons have a long history – from being greatly feared and fought by knights in medieval England, to being linked directly to wealth and fortune in the Far East and Asia, therefore receiving a generally more positive reception! Gaining inspiration from Asian folklore, the Jade Dragon is packed with both culture and riches, playing the role of a suitable tribute to the grand mystical creature.

Gameplay starts from as little as 0.20 credits per spin, with a grand total 184,492 ways to win at your disposal. Not only that, you also stand the chance to bagging prize multipliers along the way, worth up to 100x your first bet. The key to getting the most out of this slot is undoubtedly the symbols. You’ll find these images across the six reels, of which have a unique layout. The reels are positioned in a criss-cross fashion, unlike anything you’ll have seen before. In the middle of the reels you’ll find a sealed door, acting as the mystery icon. Whether or not this door will open is based entirely on the symbols you roll in, ranging from: the scroll, the bright lantern and the colourful fan.

Match three or more of any of the Chinese-themed symbols and you’ll unlock standard win amounts. The most you can win from these symbols is a generous 70x your bet, with the Fortune Reel feature offering out an additional 20x multiplier. So, it’s all to play for!