Football Competitions to Bet on 2022


Football is not only the most widely watched sport in the world, but it is also the most popular sport for placing bets. For that reason, every sports betting site makes sure to include the biggest football competitions in the world in their betting offer.

Many players are also using the William Hill promo code 2022 when placing bets on their favourite football competitions. With a promo code, punters get promotional offers like cash backs and free bets. The promo code can also be used on other sport like horse racing.

In this article, we will reveal and analyze the biggest football competitions to bet on in 2022.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup

We start off with the biggest football event in the world, which is the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. This football competition is also one of the most watched sporting events in the world. The reason that it is taking place once every 4 years makes it even more attractive for spectators as well as for bettors.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will begin on the 20th of November and it will last until the 18th of December. Betting on the World Cup winner is the most popular bet for this competition. The ultimate favourite for winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup is Brazil, followed by France, England, and Spain.

Bettors also like to bet on the highest scorer of the competition, as that can be quite interesting to follow throughout the whole competition.

Another very interesting betting style for the FIFA World Cup is to bet on the underdogs. The popularity behind this type of betting is the fact that historically there has always been a national team that performs better than the expectation.

UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is another popular football competition that brings together the best football teams in Europe. Up until the end of 2022, the Champions League will offer the bettors a chance to bet on many highly entertaining games from the group stage.

This year, the Champions League will end at the beginning of November, unlike previous years where the competition ended in late December. The reason behind these changes is due the start of the FIFA World Cup.

Bettors like placing bets on the Champions League matches as they tend to offer much more exciting matches with many betting options. The biggest challenge for the bettors that bet in this competition is to guess the Champions League winner.

English Premier League

Football Competitions to Bet on 2022 1

The top English Football League is offering the most exciting football matches in the world. For that reason, the Premier League is by far the most watched national competition of all.

But, it is also very popular amongst the bettors as this national competition is full of surprises. In the Premier League, even the weakest teams can outperform the biggest clubs in the league. Because of that, there are many bettors who are chasing the nearly impossible

There are several football clubs from the Premier League that are dominating in both, the national competition and the European competitions. Because of their dominance, many of the best players tend to play for these big clubs, making the Premier League even better.

The league table in the Premier League is constantly reshaping, which gives the bettors different ideas every week before they place a bet. A very popular type of betting used for Premier League matches is bet builder betting, which gives bettors an opportunity to be creative with their bets.

Italian Serie A

The Italian Seria A was once the biggest national competition in the world, where every player dreamed of playing in one of the Italian football clubs. Nowadays, the league is still very exciting to watch and bet on, but the teams are not on the same level as they were before.

After the end of the 9-year dominance from Juventus, the competitiveness of the Italian Seria A is just like the old days. There are 5 or 6 strong teams that are competing for the 2022/23 Seria A trophy.

Also, many clubs from the middle table tend to show some pretty decent performances that can be even better than the top clubs in certain matches. The competitiveness in the Italian league provides the bettors with many betting options and exciting matches to bet on.

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