Football players don’t like to play football

Football is a king sport, it is popular and widely known to everyone so all matters related to it are very much concerned. From tournaments, awards, good rankings to private life, the interests of famous football players are all noticed. We often hear about famous players with a strong passion for football. But, among many famous football stars, there are still some who just consider football as a job to make money – nothing more. Are there any footballers who don’t like or even hate football? So who are they? Join W88 to learn about football players don’t like to play football in the world in this post.

Marc – Andre ter Stegen

Football players don't like to play football

Barca goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen recently admitted/ Ph.thethao

Barca goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen recently admitted he had a limited knowledge of football. German players barely watch football on TV and don’t know much about their colleagues. Ter Stegen only knew them when they had to research their opponents before the game. “People laugh when I tell them that I don’t know much about football,” Ter Stegen told El Pais. “Sometimes people ask me who I am and I can’t answer. In La Liga, sometimes I don’t remember the names of the players but when I watch videos they play, I immediately recognize them.”

Benoit Assou-Ekotto

Benoit Assou-Ekotto

Benoit Assou-Ekotto was a comedian in the Tottenham dressing room/ Ph.transfermarkt

Former Cameroon player Benoit Assou-Ekotto was a comedian in the Tottenham dressing room, but never found joy in football. In 2011, he frankly said that this is just a job to earn no more. “There are many things in life that are more important than playing football,” said the left-back who played for Tottenham 155 matches in the Premier League. “I play football for money. Everyone has their own business to support their families.Sometimes I find it annoying to see a player kissing the team logo and then six months later moving to a higher-paid team.” Assou-Ekotto’s teammate repeatedly revealed he was on the team bus to the pitch without knowing which team Tottenham would play.

David Bentley

He says he has never felt like a footballer/ Ph.bongdaplus

Former Arsenal midfielder David Bentley, Blackburn and Tottenham were once expected to be David Beckham version II, thanks to their attractive appearance and impressive long ball handling skills. But while coaches see a lot of potential at Bentley, he says he has never felt like a footballer. The seven-time England player hung his shoes at 29 years old because he felt “tired”. He is managing a restaurant in Marbella. “When I was a pillar at Blackburn, I was still not sure I would follow this career for long,” Bentley said. “The locker room is stifling. I always thought my future had nothing to do with football.”

Bobby Zamora

Bobby Zamora

The famous player with decisive goals in the Premier League/ Ph.skysports

Bobby Zamora – The famous player with decisive goals in the Premier League play-offs also belongs to the group that is not interested in football. “I really don’t like football,” said former West Ham strikers Fulham and QPR. “I never watch matches.Many people find it strange because of that. I don’t know what I will do after I retire, but definitely not related to football.” Zamora scored 190 goals in 570 matches for the London clubs, before retiring in 2016. He is currently participating in volunteer activities, alongside former teammates such as Mark Noble or Rio Ferdinand.

Gabriel Batistuta

Argentina striker Gabriel Batistuta was the best striker of the 90s. Batistuta scored 54 goals for the team and helped Argentina win the Copa America tưice. He also contributed 292 goals in both Fiorentina and Roma clubs. But for Batistuta, it was just like a normal job. “I don’t like football, it’s just my career,” Batistuta once said. In the autobiography, he also shared that he did not want football to be involved in life outside.

Mario Balotelli

Mario Balotelli

Italy striker Mario Balotelli almost never celebrated the goal/ Ph.goal

Italy striker Mario Balotelli almost never celebrated the goal. He often just crossed his arms or appeared calm. People think Balotelli is arrogant, but he says he only does what the work requires. “The postman will not be happy when they successfully deliver the message into your mailbox,” the striker once wore Inter, Man City or Liverpool share. The personal problems Balotelli has encountered over the years indicate that he doesn’t really focus on his career.

Carlos Vela

Like Tevez, Vela does not consider football a passion and does not want to watch it on television. “Between a good movie and a good football match, I chose to watch the movie,” the former Arsenal striker told Canal. “When I leave the pitch, you can tell me everything but football.The truth is, I have never liked football.” Vela has been the mainstay of Mexico for the past decade. He used to play for Arsenal, Real Sociedad and now Los Angeles FC.

Carlos Tevez

Former United striker Carlos Tevez of Man Utd and Man City shocked when he said he is not a fan of football, although he is famous for his enthusiasm in every football team. “I never watch football, I don’t like it,” Tevez said. “If I turned on the TV and saw the Barca-Real match, I would change the channel to watch golf. I was never a football fan.” Tevez scored nearly 300 goals in his career, but only four in Shanghai, where he pays him nearly $750,000 a week. “I consider it a seven-month long vacation,” said the Boca Juniors striker.

Although these soccer players are very good at playing football, they often play for big clubs. But they really don’t like to play football, but many things about the sport. You may find it strange, but this is the truth, above is the information I found for everyone to refer to.