Fossil Gen 6 Review 2022 – Should You Buy it?


Fossil Gen 6 were finally released after two years of Fossil Gen 5 archive great success in the market since August, 2019. Unlike other brand smartwatches, Fossil took 2 years to update their new collection, which means they took very series on their every Fossil Gen generation.  Like Gen 5, Fossil Gent 6 watch band is also 22mm size, go Hemsut and you could some straps with really good design for Fossil Gen.

Marketing and producing a product are not the same thing. Finding a balance between the two might be difficult, but how you magnify your message and develop a story can sometimes save a product from being completely ignored in the market.

That is precisely the situation with the Fossil Gen 6, a WearOS wristwatch aimed at filling the gap between the OnePlus Watch and the Apple Watch.

The focus is on how the smartwatch is presented rather than on exclusivity or fitness as a selling feature.

Aesthetics and design

Fossil has a distinct design approach with its timepieces, and the Gen 6 reflects the same ideas. The Gen 6 is a stylish smartwatch with a circular screen, metal casing, and tactile buttons.

This level of quality and complexity is impressive for a wristwatch that costs half the price of the Apple Watch Series 7. The watch comes in 42mm and 44mm sizes, with black available exclusively in 44mm.

The watch is 3ATM water-resistant, so you may swim with it. However, the Gen 6 is not technically waterproof. In contrast, the Galaxy Watch 4 is certified at 5 ATM, has an IP68 dustproof/waterproof certification, and is MIL-STD-810G compliant.

The Gen 6 is easy to wear all day. The 44mm version has 22mm high-quality leather straps. Fossil offers a variety of strap options too.

Controls and display

The watch has a 1.28-inch circular AMOLED screen with a 416 by 416-pixel resolution. The always-on display is colorful and vivid. You’ll have no issue reading WhatsApp messages in the heat of the day.

On the right side, two buttons surround the digital crown. When pressed, it either wakes up the screen or navigates to the app list.

The button above the crown shows your fitness information, such as steps done, calories burnt, recent heart rate, and blood oxygen level, while the button below allows you to make NFC payments using your Google Pay cards.

The two buttons are also capable of launching any WearOS software. Our only complaint about the watch’s design is that Google Assistant often activates unexpectedly when we flex our wrist; it’s bothersome.

Performance and battery

The Gen 6 is powered by a Snapdragon 4100+ CPU, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of storage on the inside. The specifications are enough for running programs and storing music on the watch. Apps never crash, and the user interface is always quick and smooth, thanks to the Snapdragon 4100+ CPU.

The watch supports Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi, NFC, and GPS connection. An accelerometer, altimeter, ambient light meter, compass, gyroscope, IR presence sensor, PPG heart rate sensor, and blood oxygen sensor are among the sensors on the watch.

There is also a microphone and speaker for using Google Assistant. It’s always convenient to be able to accept and make calls from your watch. This function is very handy when you’re out for a stroll or in the midst of a busy venue.

When it comes to battery life, the Gen 6 can last up to a day. This also applies to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Apple Watch Series 7, two of the most popular high-end smartwatches.

However, in our tests, the Gen 6’s battery falls short of the Apple Watch by a few hours. Yes, you can utilize the watch’s power-saving mode to get a few extra hours out of the battery, but we tested the Gen 6 in standard mode.

When you monitor your sleep at night or switch on GPS, your battery life suffers. Continuous heart rate monitoring depletes battery life at a higher pace. Fortunately, the watch charges rapidly, taking around 30 minutes to achieve 80% battery life.

Software and health-related characteristics

The Gen 6 runs Google’s WearOS platform, which isn’t a terrible thing, but it’s the older version 2.3 rather than the most recent WearOS 3.0.

WearOS is also used by Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4, however, it has a customized user interface on top of WearOS 3.0. The sole advantage of the Gen 6 is that you can use the watch with both Android and iPhone handsets.

The Galaxy Watch 4, on the other hand, does not support iOS and is solely available on Android.

The WearOS UI is familiar, although it is busy and a little perplexing. Swiping up on the watch face displays alerts, while swiping right brings up Google Assistant and displays the current weather.

By pushing and holding down the crown, you can also access Google

Assistant. Swiping left on the watch brings you to pinned tiles, which you may rearrange in whatever sequence you choose.

They feature phone access, Amazon Alexa, and a 20-second hand-washing timer, among other things.

Swiping down on the watch’s face brings up a fast settings menu including Airplane mode, Silent mode, Do Not Disturb mode, Theater mode, and battery and brightness choices.

On Gen 6, basic smartwatch functionality is ensured. Receiving notifications, reading essential emails, urgent alerts, text messages, phone calls, and so on are examples of these. You can check your itinerary for the day, access contacts, and utilize a timer without having to pull your phone out of your pocket.

Third-party applications are also supported on the Gen 6 platform. Spotify, Calm, Strava, and Shazam are just a few examples. You can

acquire applications on your wrist by browsing the Google Play Store on your Android phone or the web, or by using the Play Store app on your wristwatch.

Final Verdict

Logically, Fossil is emphasizing the Gen 6 as a lifestyle smartwatch. It’s nothing near the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or Apple Watch Series 7, and we believe Fossil is aware of where the Gen 6 falls short.

That isn’t to suggest the Gen 6 isn’t a good smartwatch. Even though it runs an older version of WearOS, the watch outperforms the OnePlus Watch in every way. If you’re searching for a more classic smartwatch, the Gen 6 is a viable option.

Just be sure to check out the Galaxy Watch Series 4 before you spend roughly $320. The watch not only has a more user-friendly design but also supports Google services and a variety of third-party applications.

The Galaxy Watch 4 is a superior offer in terms of fitness and health.

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