Four Advantages of a Master’s in Product Management

Nearly every entrepreneur has a killer idea that they want to get out into the market. The trouble is finding a way to develop and sell it within the corporate structure of the modern world in order to make it a success.

This is why more people are opting for the multidisciplinary approach of a Master’s in Product Management, as it gains access to a job that has risen by over a third in the last two years. If you are thinking about pursuing this higher education path, then you have found yourself in the right place as we will outline four key advantages of a product management degree. Read on below for key advice.

Learn From Case Studies

Apple. Facebook. Instagram. What are the secrets of these companies’ success? Perhaps what they have achieved in the world of product development can be replicated in the future.

For example, if you study an MS in Product Management Merrimack College, you will learn from famous examples, understanding from the very best on how to truly bring and sell a great product to the market. This is complemented by a hands-on approach, with industry-style practical experience that can be directly translated into the corporate sphere.

Obtain More Product Management Knowledge

Simply put, a Master’s in Product Management will teach you more about the industry, helping you to gain the key skills needed to hone and scale a product of your own. The interdisciplinary curriculum of such a degree touches on a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Communication
  • Data Governance
  • Finance
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Product Development
  • Product Realization
  • Life Sciences
  • Software
  • Technology

As the degree requires such a broad intersection of knowledge, it is likely that as a result, you will will:

Gain More Respect in Your Field

Whether you are already seasoned in the product management industry or are trying to find a way to break in, by obtaining a Master’s in Product Management and putting it on your resume or LinkedIn profile, you will automatically gain more respect by your peers and potential hiring managers. This could mean that when you are in a situation where somebody in a company needs to take leadership, people will look to you as you will have the necessary know-how to guide the company in order to be a success. Naturally, having a Master’s in Product Management will also mean that you:

Become More Employable

By having learned practical experiences and by taking part in mentorships, this degree makes you far more employable in jobs such as Product Management, Program Management, Product Development Management and Product Marketing Management — ranked highly by LinkedIn as the most desirable job around.

Nonetheless, it’s not just about product management-related careers either. At the end of the day, the skills learned in this degree don’t just pertain to the world of product management, but they can be applied to a wide swathe of different corporate jobs. Additionally, the network that you build while studying this degree could come in handy later in life, from co-founding a business with your friends to looking for potential hires later down the line.