Four Beautiful Ways to Add Privacy to Your Home this Year


Big, bright windows are wonderful additions to any property. They are stunning to behold, and of course, let in more natural light and sunlight into your home. They are one of the most critical components of any home and have the biggest impact on your physical and mental health. What they do not offer, however, is privacy. Blocking out your windows with curtains is not a viable solution and can hurt your mental health and wellbeing if you are not careful. While some are fine with open windows during the day, this isn’t the case for everyone; if many people pass by your home’s windows and can easily look in, consider these top four ways to add privacy to your home beautifully.

1. With sheer curtains

Sheer curtains can be a very effective solution. They add a romantic element to your home, but they do have one large fault. While they will let light into your home, they also block your view of the outside. They work better for large spaces than they do for smaller homes and apartments for this very reason.

2. With custom shutters

Custom shutters from a company like ShuttersUp are an excellent way to add privacy and are much easier to manage than full curtains that you need to open and close manually. These shutters can be customized to suit your personal preferences on, allowing you to choose from special shape shutters to track system shutters that allow you to get the privacy you need quickly. With tier-on-tier shutters, you can even customize the light and privacy based on what you need at the time.

3.  With flora and fauna

If you have enough space on your property, you can always use plants and flowers to add essential privacy. This is one of the better options, as it works to give you privacy, yes, but more than that, it gives you a view that can very much so be lacking in many modern homes. We have an innate connection to nature, so by using hedges, bamboo, or other natural privacy walls, you can improve your home’s quality and beauty in two ways.

Of course, there are limitations. If there isn’t enough space between the street and your window, you could block out your light. In this case, you should combine concepts. For example, add shutters and put smaller plants along the boundary of your property to add natural views while still maintaining privacy control.

4. With privacy glass

Privacy glass or tinting is a very simple, effective way to add privacy to your home. Professionally done, you can still see outside, but it is very difficult for others to see into your home. The only time this won’t apply is at night, when the lights are on inside your home. That is why, once again, it’s best to combine concepts. Shutters can be installed alongside a tinted window so that you can quickly add the privacy you need when the sun sets.

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