You recently started a business, created a few products, and finally, the money started to roll in. Now is the time that you hire a few employees. However, figuring out who you should hire and what job title you should give them is extraordinarily challenging and tedious work. Recruiting and hiring is indeed a tiring process, specifically for the startups, as they have limited budgets. Successful organizations tend to invest in employees with sound skills and proven qualities to attract financial gains for the business.

The people you hire depends on your business’s requirements, needs, and goals. Anyone you decide to hire must have a few qualities such as trustworthiness, passion, and flexibility. Potential employees must be flexible to adapt to new roles for business growth. When you interview prospects, you have to ask questions that allow you to know their personal goals to see if they can relate to your business’s goals. 

Every employee, ranging from HR personnel to those in the marketing team, may significantly influence your business growth. Perhaps, it is ideal to hire people you can trust. If you think that you don’t have what it takes to find trustworthy employees, a recruitment agency is always an option. They have contact in relevant areas and will be able to help you hire qualified individuals for your business. However, before taking such a route, let us look at a few professionals that will be crucial to your business growth.


Creating and maintaining a business’s image in front of the public is the primary job description of such a role. A Public relations specialist creates media and press releases and incorporates social media programs to shape your business’s positive image. He/She is further responsible for increasing brand awareness amongst customers. Since press releases are now the norm, a public relations specialist will utilize them through various social media channels, TV, and radio stations.

A PR specialist helps serves as a source of communication between the clients and the company. He/She is further responsible for assessing and evaluating public opinion regarding the product through social media or various digital media platforms. A good PR specialist has strong communication, interpersonal, organizational, problem-solving, speaking, and writing skills to reach business goals. Furthermore, before hiring a public relations specialist, it is better to ensure that he/she has the required educational credentials. Organizations prefer to hire PR specialists with at least a campus-based or online liberal studies degree. Previous work experience is also considerable.


A product manager will be your first and last resort when talking about all your products and services. He/she will manage product development, vision, and strategy. They will have to work closely with the marketing and manufacturing teams to manufacture and market your products and services. However, bringing a product manager in the early stages of your business will be counterproductive. 

By default, you, the owner, will be a product manager for your business. You might say it will just be a waste of money in your mind by bringing another one in. But the truth is most successful organizations prefer to hire a product manager as it will allow them to look at things from consumer’s perspectives rather than that of the company’s. You will then automatically start focusing on the business side of things rather than thinking like an employee handling products.


 A sales manager will give his/her entire focus to generating new leads and bringing revenue to your business. Tierra Wilson, from Tierra Wilson & Co’s business consultant, quoted that “business owners who prioritize their company’s sales over everything else remain in business for a longer time.” Consider hiring a fantastic sales manager or representative to expand your business through increased sales. 

You can always increase your sales team, depending on the variety of products offered. It is probably one of the most challenging positions when hiring the right employees. Still, it will pay off if you give the search process time to find that particular right person. 


A business development manager will look for ways to expand your business from both sales and marketing perspectives. For instance, he/she might develop partnerships or relationships with other companies to increase your company’s growth potential and revenue. An effective business development manager will also find new expansion and business opportunities within your own company or partnerships. 

Responsibilities such as making new alliances, searching and reaching out to new markets, and ways to attract the right customers are a part of this JD. For example, there will be times when your competitors will offer a service or product you never considered before. Your business development manager will search for ways that allow your business to keep up with your competitor’s products while attracting more customers to your business.


When you hire employees, ensure that you hire ones that share your company’s goals, vision, culture, and mission. If you hire the wrong ones in your business’s early stage, there are high chances of bankruptcy. Also, don’t forget to bring diversity to your team. After all, your team is the one that will get you success as they will add coal to the steam engine, i.e., your business, for increased growth.

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