Four Ways to Show Your Wife or Partner That This Anniversary Means the World to You


Given that your anniversary comes around on the same day every year, it’s sometimes amazing to think how often some of us completely forget it’s on the horizon. What happens then is a state of panic occurs, rush decisions are made, and invariably, purchases and plans that are made look clearly like last-minute gestures.

These are then either taken with a sense of false surprise and a fake smile or result in an argument and a fight you shouldn’t really be having on such a special day.

If you’ve been together for a number of years, there is a certain sense of inevitability that you may have grown complacent. Sometimes life just gets in the way, and you may have let things slide a little in terms of genuinely romantic gestures. This is particularly common among those starting new families.

Why not use 2023 as a springboard, a fresh opportunity to show your wife or partner just how much she means to you? Here are a few suggestions and ideas about how you might want to do so this time around.

Personalized Jewelry

Make this coming anniversary as memorable as any other you’ve celebrated by getting your wife or partner an item of personalized jewelry. You basically can’t go wrong here. It’s the luxury that comes with a stylish and timeless item coupled with a gift that has a specific meaning for both of you.

One excellent option to consider are couples bracelets, which are an ideal gift to give on your anniversary and one that will undoubtedly be accepted with absolute glee and happiness. This way you are not only getting her a present, but you also get one yourself!

Plan a Surprise Getaway

Why not whisk her off her feet, take her somewhere special on a surprise trip but really plan it? If you choose this type of anniversary gift, you are going to have to plan everything to the minute detail.

Firstly, select relevant dates, just in case the days around your actual anniversary are tricky to plan. Then, do the groundwork. Contact her work and secure some time off; if necessary, get babysitters or family members to look after your kids. Locate her passport if you are going overseas, and liaise with a friend to help pack her bag.

Then, arrange to meet somewhere seemingly innocuous. In other words, don’t say, ‘Let’s meet at the airport,’ as this may well set alarm bells ringing. Maybe this is a chance to finally have that honeymoon you didn’t get around to, or perhaps it’s a chance to revisit where you did go on honeymoon before or somewhere she’s always wanted to go.

Renewing Vows

This is a touching idea to consider, especially if you’ve been together for a long time or if it’s a milestone anniversary. Renewing your vows doesn’t necessarily have to be a massive undertaking, and you can look to do so without any religious aspect if that makes things easier.

It’s basically just a chance to reaffirm your love for each other and an excellent opportunity to party and celebrate with friends and family. If you are going to do this, then clearly, you’ll need to plan ahead, and this isn’t something you should just arrange out of the blue.

Pamper Her

Why not put together something of a pampering package? There are two ways you might take this; there’s the personal touch or the ‘easier’ but a perhaps more effective, less personal option.

The first avenue involves planning the day/night accordingly. You could start by buying a plush robe, setting up the candles and essential oils, as well as improving your personal massaging abilities; alternatively, you can book her away on a spa break with her best friend or family member.

The key here is to let her relax and unwind, which may well be the best anniversary gift she could receive this year.

While some of these gestures and anniversary surprises may prove taxing and cumbersome to organize and set into motion, they are all likely to have the desired effect, and perhaps this year, you need to go that extra mile.

Maybe it’s because this year’s anniversary is a particularly momentous occasion or just due to the fact that you haven’t been as on the ball as you should have been in recent years.

Clearly, you could choose to usher in this next anniversary in a more subtle and sedate fashion, and that may well be the right course of action; the key is to mark the occasion in any way that genuinely displays to your wife or partner your ongoing commitment to your beautiful lasting relationship.


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