Fresh Ideas for Your Dream Bathroom Upgrade


If you’re creating a plan for the bathroom of your dreams, you’re probably looking for some fresh ideas to add to your blueprints. You want a bathroom that speaks to you and provides comfort and a feeling of luxury. This is also a location that guests are going to see a good portion of the time, especially if you live in a small apartment, so you want to make sure your bathroom stands out. If you’re running out of new and creative concepts, there’s a surplus of ingenious additions you could be included.

A Luxurious Shower Panel

If you’re more a shower person than a bath person, your idea of a dream bathroom upgrade might include updating your shower panel. You might have heard about high end panel systems, they offer additional settings traditional showers don’t have. These can range from being able to control temperature down to the degree or types of water flow/distribution. Higher-end models contain options like music control. So if you enjoy your time in the shower, this might be an upgrade you are considering.

Install A Floating Sink

A floating sink or floating vanity gives a fresh modern aesthetic towards your bathroom upgrade, but it also creates a little more space. You’re able to have more foot room when you are in front of your sink, or you can use this area for storage. Floating sinks can complement an array of bathroom styles, but they also give a cool sense of mystique. You’re able to better control the height of the counter to make it accommodate you or any household members when you install a floating option.

Install A Floating Sink

Mirrors With A Backlight

Lighting placement in bathrooms doesn’t always complement the position of the mirror well. Instead of trying to find the perfect spot to view yourself without any shadows, you can invest in a mirror with a backlight. These provide an evenly casted light on your face, which creates an environment where applying makeup is significantly easier. They generally run on LED lights so you won’t need to worry about expending any extra energy. They are also just plain cool, and your friends and family are sure to notice this futuristic addition to your bathroom.

Motion Sensing Faucets

Have you ever gotten so used to motion-sensing public faucets, that you’re surprised when a bathroom doesn’t have one? The convenience of a motion-sensing faucet means that you don’t need to get water all over the place to turn it off. They also use a minimal amount of water, as they’re only active when your hands are under the faucet, actively being washed. They also carry the same futuristic appeal and sleek design that many other modern inclusions have on this list.

Heated Flooring

What’s the worst part about taking a shower? That’s right, getting out of it after. Stepping on cold floors, fresh out of a shower isn’t an enjoyable experience for anyone. If you’re really looking to glam up your bathroom experience, heated floors are a next-level modification to make. Heated floors can be expensive to have installed, but they do become more energy-efficient, and their lifespan is pretty long. Because heat rises you will be able to increase the temperature of the entire bathroom this way, and you won’t need to worry about your feet turning into icicles.

Tiling A Baseboard

When you are focusing on everything in your bathroom, matching a strip of baseboard can really throw off the cohesion of your style. If you use the same tile used for the floor, as the baseboard, you create a naturally complimenting look and feel. It also means you won’t need to worry about any water damage happening to the baseboard, as these tend to be made out of wood. Using tiling as the baseboard is a relatively inexpensive idea, and it does not require much time or effort. If you are changing the flooring tile in your bathroom, you’ll need to remove the baseboard to ensure the tiling goes underneath it anyway. So why not go one step further and create a stylish version instead?

Even if you think some of these upgrades may fall outside of your budget, that isn’t necessarily true. Look out for deals or cheaper alternatives, and see if they still fit in with your dream ideal. You might be surprised at how inexpensive it can be to make your bathroom seem futuristic and awesome. Even large renovations such as installing heated floors can help reduce your future energy costs, and any upgrades can contribute to increasing the value of your home. With one or two of these fresh ideas, you will be that much closer to having the bathroom of your dreams.

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