Fresh Ideas to Make This Valentine’s Day Memorable


Lots of people experience a sort of creative stupor when planning their Valentine’s Day date. So many romantic words have been already said and so many surprises have been already made. It is no wonder that lots of couples find themselves stuck for fresh ideas when the second week of February rolls around. Of course, there are plenty of sophisticated pricey options, but not all lovers can afford to splurge their hard-earned dollars on them. And tried and tested ideas may not inspire you anymore. Not to ruin the spirit of romance and sweet anticipation, you need to come up with non-cliché dating ideas to make this special day memorable. Below are some ideas you definitely want to try out this year.

#1 DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Presents made with your own hands are never out of fashion. Those who create DIY gifts are special and always unique, since they are created with a specific person in mind. Therefore, they often arouse sweet emotions and genuine excitement in those who receive them.

If you considered making a DIY Valentine’s Day card, but rejected that idea because of its allegedly being trite and unoriginal, you may want to give it a second thought. Truth is, there is nothing more romantic and original than DIY Valentine’s cards. Yes, millions of people create them every year. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use someone else’s ideas for your gift. You can put your romantic ideas into practice!

If you want something truly memorable, take advantage of a Valentines card maker, a handy tool wherewith you can make fun printable cards online. You can use preset templates and customize your card to your liking. Your significant other will definitely appreciate your creativity and artistic endeavors.

#2 Another First Date

It is no secret that the majority of couples hold the memories of their first date dear. There is nothing more emotional, thrilling, and romantic than the first date. And there is no better day to conjure up these memories than St. Valentine’s Day. Try your best to recreate your first date down to the minutest detail. Recall what music you were listening to on your special day. Recreate the atmosphere of that night. The color of the tablecloth, the jokes you were telling, the food you were eating, the clothes you were wearing – everything should be suggestive of your first date. This is guaranteed to impress your partner and make them fall in love with you once again.

#3 Romantic Getaways

It’s a rare person who hasn’t got tired of the limitations and restrictions imposed by the pandemic. If you both are craving for fresh impressions and change of scenery, consider having a romantic getaway in the mountains or countryside. Rent a cabin in the woods or incredibly cozy chalet in the mountains. Consider inviting other couples that can spit the cost of bills and expenses with you. Try the activities you never tried before. Go skiing, take an ice bath, or do a parachute jump!

If you cannot afford luxury hotels, opt for cheaper options nearby your hometown. You can spend the day driving around the town and exploring the locations you’ve never been. Visit some restaurants, night clubs, or quiet coffee places on the other side of the city. Knock yourselves out!

#4 Body Painting

Love is always about tactile sensations. If you want to make your Valentine’s Day date truly unforgettable, assume the role of a body painter for at least one night and see how exciting this experience can be. Take care to find appropriate body paints and painting tools in advance. You can figure out the designs and ornaments you want to appear on your loved one’s body beforehand or let yourself act on the spur of the moment. Use your brush and pain to transform each other into fun anime characters or cute animals. Not only will this help you spice up your date but also bring in the new element of fun to foreplay.

 #5 Horseback Riding

Horse riding is an excellent way to have much fun at an affordable price. Riding a beautiful horse is always a classy and rewarding experience. It evokes a sense of nobility and allows you to enjoy the peaceful surroundings, experience a new palette of emotions, and contemplate your future together. It is great for both your health and bonding!

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