From a safety staple to a fashion trendsetter

Are sports glasses still limited to being safety equipment? It is one debatable point where eyewear has channelised its way from being a healthcare accessory to one of the highly donned fashion accessories. So why are sports glasses limited to single-use?

A sartorial safety staple

Every sport requires certain safety equipment as per its requirements, and one that remains common among all is the use of sports glasses. Your eyes are one perpetual asset that needs to be protected and one of the best ways to look after them while playing sports or having fun on your awaited sports adventure is by using eyeglasses.

Nevertheless, their usage has surged from just being a sports accessory and has paved its way towards being one of the bold and spoke fashion accessories of all time.

Rage on the ramp

These pretty bold glasses did witness their very first wide entry into the world of fashion during the fashion weeks across the globe in 2019. The designer experimented with the various clothing styles with these athleisure pairs. And the end product was astounding, to see how smartly they went together, complementing each other.

And was that exact time when these bold pairs entered the mainstream fashion and became a celebrity staple of all time?

Comfort, strength, and versatility, are exactly what these glasses are known for, and still keep them among the trendsetters of all time. And these are not just limited to accessories, even athleisure clothing took the mainstream by storm.

Benefits of using sports glasses

It is quite essential to know why and when one should use sports glasses, so here is a listing that might make you want to have your pair of cycling glasses today.

  • Protection: While cycling or running, it is essential for one to actually have their eyes covered, to prevent any unwanted object to enter the eyes such as dust, bugs, or even a twig, it can cause much discomfort and hindrance as well. It is better to use glasses in order to avoid such unwanted situations.
  • Wide coverage- When it comes to your sports glasses, they provide a much wider coverage than normal glasses.
  • Polarised lenses/anti-glare lenses: When we talk about unwanted hindrances, glare tops the chart. The use of polarised lenses or anti-glare lenses is quite essential in order to block the horizontal rays that cause glare. Hence, promoting a clear vision.
  • UV protection: Playing sports outside requires the ultimate protection against UV rays. It is also quite important for one to actually prevent any future side effects such as early signs of cataracts. Anti-UV protection would be well preferred in such a situation.
  • Impact resistant: Unlike your regular glasses, sports glasses are designed of such materials that prevent any form of the impact caused while playing. They are to withstand regular wear and tear when it comes to harsh surroundings.

How to find a perfect pair?

There is no such hard and fast rule while looking to buy sports glasses, nevertheless one must be well aware of their sports requirement, such as:

  • Complete knowledge about the sports and safety equipment associated with it. It will help one to choose the type of glasses best suited for one.
  • The material used is one important aspect, materials such as TR90 ensure the flexibility and strength these super bold glasses require. If one is looking for glasses that speak their styles and needs, then your search ends right at Specscart. Their sports glasses collection Actics includes the best impact resistance glasses made of TR90 that are able to withstand harsh conditions while playing sports.
  • Another important aspect that is generally ignored is the compatibility of the glasses with the helmet. One must make sure that there is no such discomfort while wearing both equipment.
  • Added prescription is a must for the one who requires vision support, avoid using your regular prescription glasses. These glasses are unable to withstand rough conditions with high chances of breakage.

Finding your perfect set

There are several styles when it comes to buying sports glasses and here are a few that you would definitely want to give a shot:

Wraparound- A 90’s feel and simple aesthetics, these glasses were the perfect example of when safety meets styles. Just like the name suggests, it provides complete 180-degree coverage, providing protection from all sides.

Shield- From sports persons to famous personalities, shield glasses have become a part of their personality. Providing the widest of protection, these are the perfect equipment for ultimate eyecare.

Rectangular- Talking about not limiting glasses to just sports, these pretty stylish glasses made it to the mainstream widely and became a staple of daily use and style.

This might be your calling to have your set of sports glasses today! And do remember to give a visit to Specscart’s website.