From Chaos to Control: Online Task Management Solutions



Online task management solutions allow teams to organize, prioritize and track tasks from projects from beginning to end. In addition, these solutions facilitate seamless workflows, increased accountability, better communication between team members, increased productivity and automatic reminders – all essential features for ensuring project success.

Some of these systems include project boards for visually displaying and organizing tasks for a project, while others offer more in-depth features like subtasks, dependencies, Gantt charts, Kanban boards, time tracking for each task and team member tracking of time spent on each one. Some even allow team members to track time spent per task.

Some online task management systems such as mogu offer document hosting and editing, making them useful for remote teams who must collaborate on documents together. Some also feature built-in status updates which notify team members when something new or updated has come in, helping prevent miscommunication and delays in work progress.


Implementing a task management solution allows your team to assign tasks, track progress and keep an overview of all projects. Many solutions offer core and advanced view options for task management such as list, board, calendar timeline workload and Gantt chart views for easy task organization.

Some systems allow you to connect tasks to their predecessors and dependencies, ensuring a proper order of work for your agency or business. When reviewing different online task management tools, make sure they take into account your unique needs and how your agency operates best. When making your selection, take care in choosing a solution which supports collaboration among all stakeholders – outsourced helpers as well as clients – has an affordable pricing structure, and has all features necessary for increased productivity.

To-Do Lists

Maintaining a to-do list is one of the easiest and most widely employed time management strategies. It helps break long-term goals down into manageable short-term tasks and boosts productivity.

A to-do list should also include an “not to do” section to keep you away from low-value activities that drain your energy or make you feel bad, such as low-pay activities that drain you of motivation or distract you. In such cases, delegating them, outsourcing them or saying no are options available to you.

When searching for a to-do app, it’s essential that it offers an intuitive user experience and allows you to filter tasks based on due dates using your calendar. Some online solutions even feature Kanban boards for visualizing your list so you can easily see where priority lies – giving an at-a-glance overview of work priorities and helping prioritize urgent tasks more easily.


Reminders provide an instantaneous alert of forthcoming events or due dates to you or anyone sharing your Calendar or Task List, and can be set for individual or recurring Tasks.

Online task management solutions provide multiple intuitive project views with drag-and-drop functionality to make coordinating tasks simpler. Many also include subtask labeling options, project templates, and resource management services.

Quire is an intuitive task management solution with nested items and Kanban boards designed for teams. This software makes project planning, collaboration, time tracking and client invoicing easier for teams of any size. Project managers gain access to a public board while team members have their own private ones; clients may even be invited as viewers only onto viewing-only boards! Pricing structures vary based on number of seats offered as well as features provided.


Online task management solutions help teams improve team productivity by assigning tasks to team members and tracking project progress. In addition, alerts and notifications inform them of changes or deadlines so everyone in the project knows their role and can take timely actions to prevent delays.

Search for a system with advanced features to assist you in managing complex projects, like software development teams might do so by adding full-featured bug-tracking software into their task management solution. In addition, look for software with support for different file formats and an advanced document control feature that keeps past versions for future reference or handles accidental file modifications; additionally it should offer mobile apps so users can stay up-to-date.

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