From the Ground Up: 5 Essential Tools for Business Startup

Becoming a great entrepreneur does not mean that you must have a college degree to build your own business empire since everyone has a fair share in this opportunity. Moreover, it’s a learning curve that every business owner experiences before reaching their ultimate goal. True to all, regardless if you’re a business or non-business grad, starting up your own business is difficult, especially for the proceeding years.

But, amid the hurdles that every startup business experiences along the way, it can be easily surpassed with perseverance, knowledge, and the right tools. And if you are planning to establish your very first business this 2020, we will provide you five essential tools that’ll help you with your business venture adventure!

1. Business Plan

Although it’s still possible to travel to a new and unfamiliar place without having a map, chances are you’ll be lost in the long run. But, when you have a road map on hand, it’ll directly guide you towards the direction where you’re heading. Similarly, a business plan acts as a map that’ll guide you in your business startup venture, which consequently leads you to success.

Indeed, a business plan is an essential tool for entrepreneurs who have thriving businesses. It allows them to lay out their goals and track their business flow, from responding and providing immediate solutions to boosting their highest assets. Moreover, having a feasible and comprehensive business plan attracts more investors, as they also ensure that you’re on the right track that’s worth investing in.

Hence, a business plan allows you to create an image of the whole picture that helps you decide during crucial decision-making and improve your business’s integral aspects.

2. Customer Review Software

Today, consumers are more aware and wise of the products that they are going to purchase. In fact, researching and reading product reviews before buying a specific item have become a universal pragmatic practice. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, you must have customer review software to help you collect online reviews. You can visit for more information and how to get one.

Studies say that 72% of the consumers trust a local business more when they read positive reviews, and 84% of them prefer and rely on online reviews than word of mouth or personal recommendation. When you have a customer review software for your business startup, products will receive validation from social confirmation. And when several people try to endorse your products, the sales increase and get potential clients.

Besides, as you earn customers’ trust and loyalty, they write positive feedback, which is useful when you’re stretching your business’s parameters.

3. WordPress

Now that we’re living in the digital age, you must adapt to technological advances and use its maximum power for your business benefits, and one of them is WordPress.

WordPress is an excellent online tool for single or big enterprises that allows you to create and design your own ecommerce website. Because of its simplicity and easy-to-understand functions, most businesses have utilized this software worldwide, and it becomes one of the most trusted and reliable tools for entrepreneurs.

Another positive side of WordPress is that it’s inexpensive, unlike other existing website makers and developers. It’s a useful tool, especially to business startups, because it has a very low licensing fee, which doesn’t actually hurt your pocket.

4.Text Messaging

These past few years, the number of people who have cellular phones has increased, from adults to even children at an early age. Further, studies show that mobile phone users spend almost 2 hours and 55 minutes on their phones daily. Considering the number of users and length of time, startup entrepreneurs must take advantage of this and use a text messaging tool to reach out to customers.

Kall8 business texting service is a handy partner for a thriving business for communicating with current and potential clients.  You can send a text message about the best-deals your business currently has or notify them with their standing if they have a nearing due date. Meanwhile, consumers can easily set or reschedule their appointments without going to the physical store.

5. Social Media Platforms: Facebook and Instagram

Before, social media is just used for communication and posting photos and thoughts. However, with the emergence of e-commerce, it becomes a tool and platform for businesses. Significantly, by just looking at the data of the number of social media users across the globe from teens to oldies, it’s an opportunity for your business to prosper.


With over 2.7 billion active users, Facebook is a useful tool for highlighting and selling your products. This platform is typically used for business transactions because it’s easy to maneuver. Facebook even creates a separate portion for businesses, including premade templates, an automated response on Messenger, and a secure transaction.


As a free-photo and video-sharing social media, Instagram has reached approximately 500 million daily users and 1 billion monthly users. This platform has an easy display that spotlights photos and videos, which is suitable for business startups. Further, current and potential customers can follow your account to know your enterprise’s whereabouts and updates.


In a nutshell, remember that there’s no elevator to success. Every business empire and established entrepreneurs today have undergone sleepless nights and crucial decision-making situations. For starting entrepreneurs and business startups, you must have effective and efficient tools to assist you along your way, and at the end of the day, you’ll reap what you sow.