Fun and Stylish Medium Haircuts for Women


Medium haircuts for women are some of the most stylish and versatile haircuts we have since when you hear “medium” this can be anything. The implication of this is that regardless of your hair length, you can rock medium hairstyles. As such, it has become one of the most common haircuts for women.

However, since there are many variations of medium hairstyles, to get the best style to rock your looks, you should be willing to experiment with different styles and pick the ideal one for you. In this collection, you will find many different medium haircuts. Go through them and choose one that fits your personality and style.

1. Feathered Medium Length Style

For some women, styling their hair in down-dos is not something they want to do since hair tends to appear flat and unappealing. If you are in this category, you should consider a longer medium length haircut that you can style straight effortlessly. Trimmed feathered layers add texture on your hairstyle.

2. Bobbed Volume and Highlights

This is a typical variation of a traditional bob that is brought about by the layering technique used. It looks like a shag, though it is smooth and subtly rounded. It is neither messy nor tousled. Basically, this medium haircut incorporates only a single layer.

3. Long Dishevelled Bob and Highlights

Bob haircut styles have undergone a lot of variation, and nowadays they don’t have to be proper and composed. The modern bobs incorporate choppy layers and contemporary dye jobs. One of the best haircuts to experiment with is this melted-out highlights that are the modern take of the famous ombre style. Trim your choppy layers into an extended bob for an excellent A-lister hairstyle.

4. Shaggy Wavy Bob and Dishevelled Tips

Most medium haircuts for women tend to be messy, and this wavy bob is a good example. It is an excellent option for the women rocking medium haircuts for the first time. You don’t need to worry about the maintenance of this style. You will enjoy the carefree nature this haircut provides. Choose the dishevelled tips to increase the volume and touch of your hairstyle.

5. Uniform Medium Haircut and Feathered Layers

Here is a beautiful idea of medium haircuts for ladies who are looking for a carefree and fun appearance. Feathered layers are swept around the head to create volume and texture for the straight locks. Reaching just past the shoulders, the uniform lob allows for parting on the sides or at the middle.

6. Voluminous Shaggy Long Bob

Medium haircuts for ladies look better if they have great volume and texture. If you don’t like a traditional version of the bob, probably, you should consider going shorter if you want. By use of large hot hair rollers and curling iron, you can come up with messy swooping waves that can last the entire day looking good and composed.

7. Wavy Caramel Bob

It is no doubt that the lob has maintained the position of the best and stylish haircut for women for a while now. It is one of the most requested medium haircuts in salons across the world. When complemented with balayage shading, it becomes the gauge of the up-to-date styles. It is the best style to choose to refresh your looks.

8. Medium Haircut and Swoopy Layers

Shoulder length haircuts often require compact layers to give you a nice and smooth flow of your manes. To achieve this, choose side bangs and swoopy layers that cascade to your shoulders. You can still choose to include highlights for more dimension that improves the drastic effect from the layers.  If you want a more wavy type look consider a hair waver iron.

9. Shoulder-Skimming Balayage Lob

You cannot get it wrong when you bring caramel balayage and chocolate together. This combo can bring a fresh look to any hair. Styled miscellaneously, the light streaks accentuate medium length hair, giving your style an added dose of dimension and freshness. Ensure that the strands are perfectly lightened for a bright complexion.

It is an excellent medium haircut for all women, regardless of skin type or hair colour. What an amazing way to transform your looks effortlessly!

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