Fun Attractions to Visit in New Jersey


New Jersey might be one of the smallest states in the US, but it is home to a lot of tourist attractions. You can find here many national parks, museums, and historical sites, making it a state that is worth taking time to explore. New Jersey is also home to several Revolutionary War battles. Aside from that, it also has miles of Atlantic Ocean beaches, making it an excellent summer getaway. This means that you can also find many boardwalks, water parks, and as well as amusement parks in this state.

If you are planning to go to New Jersey soon, here are some of the fun attractions you can visit there.

Atlantic City

Atlantic City is one of the most popular coastal resort towns in New Jersey. It is famous for its Boardwalk, which is a four-mile-long walkway that was built in 1870. Up until today, it is still the place where the majority of the city’s attractions are found. One of the most famous tourist spots here is the Steel Pier. It is a carnival amusement park that features rides for all ages. It also has a massive observation wheel where you can ride in climate-controlled gondolas to see the amazing views over the city and the ocean all year round.

Aside from walking the Boardwalk, you can also choose to rent bikes or ride the historic electric tram, or the traditional rickshaw-like rolling chairs for a more fun experience. You can also check out the Entrance to the Stars, where you can see handprints of famous stars, including Frank Sinatra. There are also many historical and cultural attractions here that you can visit.

Aside from amusement parks and historical attractions, Atlantic City is also great for those who are looking for having a good time in casinos. It’s because there are several casinos here that you can visit. But even if you are not in Atlantic City, you can still enjoy playing via an online casino wherever you are in New Jersey. Check out this Sugarhouse Casino Review for more information.

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

This national recreation area covers over 70,000 acres, and it overlaps the border between New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It also includes a remarkable 40-mile protected stretch of the Delaware River. You’ll be able to access this recreation area at different points. The New Jersey section is being serviced via two visitor centers. One is Millbrook Village, which is a recreation of a 19th-century community where you can find displays of traditional crafts. The other one is the Kittatinny Visitor Center, which features lots of exhibits, splendid views, and as well as access to the Appalachian Trail.

One of the other highlights that you can enjoy in this park is the Minisink Archaeological Site, where 10,000-year-old settlement remnants were found. Aside from that, you can also enjoy adventurous activities here, including swimming, fishing, camping, kayaking, and canoeing.

The Adventure Aquarium

Another fun attraction that you can visit in New Jersey is the Adventure Aquarium, which is located on the Delaware River in Camden. This aquarium is considered one of the best aquatic educational facilities in the United States. It is a two-million-gallon aquarium where over 8,500 marine animals live. This includes a large collection of sea turtles, sharks, stingrays, and penguins. Aside from that, this is also the only aquarium in the world with hippos.

Aside from admiring animals in their habitats, the Adventure Aquarium will also give you a chance to go behind the scenes and meet some animals up close, including sea turtles and African penguins. You can also have an in-water encounter with sharks and stingrays if you are up to the challenge.

Morey’s Piers

Morey’s Piers is an amusement and water park that is located on the shore of Cape May. It covers six blocks parallel to the sandy beach. This park started in 1968 with only a waterslide and a concession stand. Through the years, the Morey brothers expanded it, and they now have a legacy as the creators of one of the best parks in the country.

Morey’s Piers features rides for every age, including bumper cars, tilt-a-whirl, and a 156-foot high Ferris wheel. Aside from those, there are also thrilling rides here like roller coasters. In addition to that, it also has two water parks where you can see water slides, a lazy river, and as well as pools that have floating snack bars where you can definitely relax.

Cape May County Park & Zoo

If you will be going to New Jersey with your whole family, then Cape May County Park & Zoo is a must-visit. There are lots of things you can do here, and the best thing is it offers free admission. There are many recreational facilities that you can visit here, which are all free and open to the public. It includes volleyball and tennis courts, hiking and biking trails, and as well as a disc golf course and other outdoor game areas. There are also lots of picnic tables and grills in the area.

Cape May County Park & Zoo is also home to animals, such as giraffe, zebra, the bald eagle, ring-tailed lemur, and more. You can also pay some fee if you want to experience a guided tour where you can see some behind-the-scenes actions, like caring for the animals and encounters with selected animals, such as camels, primates, giraffes, and reptiles.

These are some of the fun attractions you can visit in New Jersey. Even if it is a small state, there are definitely lots of things you and your whole family can do here. It is indeed an excellent place to have a vacation in.

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